Homemade Vanilla

4 ounce Bottle - $14.00

8 ounce Bottle - $24.00

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I put a lot of love into making my vanilla.  I buy top quality Madagascar beans.  For each bean and take off both ends first and then make a slice down the middle.  I scoop out the “caviar” from the bean and put it in a dark glass gallon jug.  

After the bean has been scraped out I cut each one in half and add it to the jar.  I do this over and over again until I have an entire pound of beans.  I add quality vodka and seal it up.  It will stay in a dark cool room for 6 months. 

Every few weeks I shake the jar to make sure all the caviar and beans are mixed well.  After the 6 months I strain off the caviar and take the beans out.  The caviar and beans are then dried for vanilla sugar.  

My vanilla is more than double strength.  You need about ½ of what the recipe calls for.

I have a limited supply of tahitian vanilla extract.  Email me if you are interested.

I use dark amber bottles so that the vanilla will last for years!  Each bottle will be carefully packed for shipping. I will ship within 48 hours of receiving payment.

The bottles of homemade vanilla make an EXCELLENT gift for birthdays and Christmas. They make a truly unique gift!