Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I Will Lift Up My Eyes - Lessons From Haiti

I will never forget a lesson I learned the first time I went to Haiti back in 2013. I was standing on the balcony of MamaBaby and I looked up and saw the mountains. They really are gorgeous. I am a sucker for mountains since at heart I am a Colorado girl. For some reason the mountains just speak to me. They remind me that all is right with the world.

I think about the wisest man on earth, several thousand years ago, named Solomon. In the Bible he has a book called Ecclesiastes. He wants to spend time examining this thing we call life. He tries "everything" life has to offer under the sun. In the end he says that all is vanity under the sun. I always think of Solomon when I am in Haiti. When I stand on the balcony at MamaBaby and look up I see the gorgeous mountains. It is not until I look down that I see the garbage strewn all over the ground, half empty buildings and did I mention the garbage? I see the Haitian women carrying baskets on top of their heads. I see children wandering the streets. The poverty is beyond comprehension.

Do you remember all that "free" food our government gave to Haiti during the earthquake in Port au Prince back in January 2010? The United States sent tons and tons of 50# bags of rice and beans. Those never got to the people it was intended for, at least not for free. You see drug lords got their hands on them. When I went over for the first time in 2013 I had to "buy" for $100 a couple of bags of rice and beans to help some starving families. It still touches a nerve when I think about it. That free food ended up not being free for the Haitian people.

When I am back in Haiti I look down and it all looks hopeless. The starving women, the dead babies, the garbage lining the streets, the violence just makes me sick. The question then becomes, why bother? Why spend time and money on such a place? I got a letter recently from someone I had talked to about supporting MamaBaby. They advised against me going and said the money would be wasted so they had decided to not support the work there, what's the point they said. I get it, I truly do until.... you pour cold water on the face of a Mama laboring, knowing you are providing clean water for her to not only feel on her hot skin but clean, cold water to drink. When you can pray over a little one just born to ask God's special blessing on this little one. When you give a cup of cold water to a Mama that hasn't eaten or drink in days. A tender, shy smile from a Mama when she comes back after having her baby and says thank you.

Here is the primary lesson I have learned over the last few years when it comes to Haiti. Make a difference in the life of just one. God only calls me to serve one, not hundreds, not thousands or millions but just one. I can do one. Serving one cup of cold water in His name is easy. I can do that. I can give money to help just one Mama deliver her baby in a clean, safe environment, I can do that. I can do one by not looking down and seeing all the problems but looking up to the ONE who can help with the one.

What about you? Do you easily get overwhelmed with the needs of thousands like me? If so, how about making a commitment to helping just one person? One will make all the difference in the world. Remember my story of the little girl on the beach? It was filled with starfish. She had one in her hand when a man walked towards her. He wanted to know why she was wasting her time trying to throw a starfish back into the water when all around her was thousands of starfish dying on the beach. She lifted her hand with the one starfish in her hand and said, "but to this one starfish I made all the difference in the world"

Let me encourage you to be that little girl. I am asking you to reach out to just one.
Till next time

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".


  1. Thank You Jill for encouraging the Haitian Women...and for being the Hands and Feet of Jesus!!!!

  2. Hundreds have been blessed because of you and that makes God happy. Well done, good and faithful servant!