Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Our housing saga started almost 6 years ago when hubby got sick and lost his job. At the time we had a simple ranch home out in the country of a tiny little town in Michigan. When we moved in I told our daughter that this was the last time I would be unpacking boxes. The next move, I told her, would be feet first! I loved living in that house. It was out in the country with fields in front of me and a hot tub and gorgeous London Plane Tree out back. It was perfect. After moving 17 times for the military and full time ministry, I was putting down deep roots. I was going to grow old under that London Plane Tree. Life was good.

And then it wasn't. Rich got shingles and from there it became a domino effect on his body. After he lost his job we held on to our lovely home for six months. It became obvious I could not care for Rich alone at that point so we moved into our daughters home. There was simply no emotional energy to grieve the loss of the home that was truly a sanctuary for me.

As Rich got worse, I was thankful for the support of my children and grandchildren. I was not alone in serving my husband. As things became worse he went into hospice. Rich decided he did not want to die in his grandchildren's home so we rented a little handicapped apartment right around the corner from the hospital. As you all know,  most people don't come out of hospice alive. Rich lived to tell the story. So we lived in that little apartment for three years.

That little apartment fit our needs at the time. We were right next to the hospital for all his doctors appointments. It was tiny though and as Rich started to get a little better we wanted something a little bigger that we could call home. So last October began the saga of trying to buy a home again. We have bought multiple homes over the years without drama or fanfare. Apparently, this time was not to be the case. After 7 failed attempts I have cried "Uncle" We were within 4 days of closing on the last house when our bank closed the loan because the seller did not even attempt to do the work that was agreed upon.

We have been house sitting for a sweet friend since the middle of January. It is a lovely home. The windows are large, the sun shines in brightly. I have had an office upstairs to work on my school. It has been bright and sunny, everything that little apartment wasn't. But all good things eventually come to an end. It's time for our sweet friend to come home for the spring. Since the last house fell through last week we have been scrambling to find a place to live.

SO, we are now going back to renting, this time a double wide mobile home in a town not far from here. We have signed a one year lease. Obviously it was not the right time or the right house to buy. It is time to sit and wait again. What does the Lord have in mind for us? I have no clue. I do know that I am tired of looking at countless houses and none of them working. I want to spend the next year waiting on the Lord. I will be in a nice comfortable place to do that now. We will move next week and for that I am thankful.

What are YOU thankful for? Let me know.

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

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