Friday, April 17, 2015


I really wanted to go see Cinderella after our daughter's family went and came back giving it rave reviews.  I was off work early today and decided to take myself and see it. It was refreshing to watch a movie that had no swearing or intimate scenes. What was awesome though was the lessons I took away.

When the Prince meets Cinderella in the forest she had been racing her horse to get a break, away from the oppression she was dealing with. A step-mother that was cruel. Two step-sisters that were petty, spoiled brats. She is forced to move out of her lovely, comfortable bedroom and up into the attic. When she first goes to the stairs leading to the attic she pauses and takes a deep breath, trying to gather the courage to go up those stairs. The words of her mother must have gone through her brain. Great courage and kindness was her mother's motto. It took great courage to go back to her home and continue to be abused by her step-family.

When Cinderella got ready for the ball, her step mother ripped the dress her mother had worn. I have to tell you that was hard to swallow. You see, my mother left me a string of pearls that had been given to her by her brother. The necklace was purchased in Japan and has always rested in a beautiful Japanese silk box. The pearls are priceless. They are natural pearls that I treasure since they were worn by mother, the woman I never knew. They have always been my greatest physical treasure. Several years ago I decided to pass them on to my daughter while I was still alive. I wanted to see her wear and enjoy them. I was passing on something I considered my greatest physical gift. It gives me great joy when I see her wear them. Every-time I wore those pearls I thought of my mother. I can't imagine the feelings that would erupt from my very soul if someone had ripped them off of me and stomped on them.

When the transformation of Cinderella took place and she races to the ball, she runs to the top of the stairs in that gorgeous blue gown, for all the kingdom to see, it was then that my heart skipped a beat. She was absolutely stunning.  There was something about that scene that struck a chord with me. In that moment she not only looked pretty but she felt pretty. She embraced the moment. She didn't wallow in where she had been, instead, she celebrated where she was right then. When was the last time you felt pretty? The love in the Prince's eyes was priceless.

When the final scene opens with Cinderella singing up in the attic I wanted to stand and clap. The Prince realizes what has been going on and comes in to put the glass slipper on her foot. The Prince knows where she has been. He takes her for his bride inspite of the circumstances. What he understands is this, her circumstances do NOT define who she is. Her heart, her courage and her kindness is what really counts. In his eyes, she is a real princess.

Cinderella walks out of the house granting a gift the step-mother and step-sisters didn't deserve, forgiveness. She has kept her promise to her parents. It took great courage to forgive those who treated her badly.  Because she was willing to forgive, she could walk out of her home without the anger and bitterness that others display.

My dear friend, your circumstances do NOT define who you are. Just rest on that today and next week we will pick up from there.
Many blessings

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

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