Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Forgiveness, It's a Choice

If you have read my story you know that some pretty horrible things happened to me and my siblings. There were times as a teenager that the primary emotion I felt was hatred. Hatred is a powerful emotion. It can suck you in to this deep dark hole that is very hard to get back out of. Hatred will consume you, in fact it will eat you alive. A by-product of hatred is bitterness. Have you ever met a bitter person? They are not fun to be around. Their entire world is a tightly wound ball of emotions. So how in the world knowing everything you know about my siblings and my past give way to forgiveness?

First of all, forgiveness is a choice. You and I can decide whether or not we will make a conscious decision to forgive someone who has wronged us. No one can force us to grant forgiveness. Here is the real truth, the only person we are going to hurt if we chose to not forgive is US. Let me say it a different way, we are the ones who will be most affected if we chose to not forgive. When we hold onto the pain, the rejection, the hurt that was put on us, it won't hurt the one who hurt us. It only makes our lives more out of balance. It hurts us and can be found in our stress levels, our stomach and headaches and our outlook on life.

I would love to say that I forgave my dad completely many years ago but that would not be true. It was a step by step process for me. It took many, many baby steps to get where I am today. I look at forgiveness like an onion that you peal back layer after layer. It has taken many, many layers to get where I am today.  There were things that I wrote in my story for the blog that opened fresh wounds for me, especially when it came to the abuse my brother and little sister endured. A sense of indignation and anger rose up in my soul. I had to go back and drill down to the center and find that place that allows forgiveness.

Tomorrow I am going back to telling a story about the day my dad decided he would forgive ME! Talk about indignation, the gull it took to pull that one off. The story tomorrow.
Till then, I want you to think about your own life. Who if anyone do you truly hate or haven't forgiven? It is possible to forgive even the most evil person. Ask me how.

In Christ Alone,

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

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