Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year Promise

The idea of New Year's Resolutions sounds hollow to me. A resolution is easily broken. I hate making a resolution and not following through. It seems that resolutions aren't serious contracts. But a promise is a promise. I never promised my children anything unless I was able to back it up and follow through. So this year I am not making any resolutions. However, I am going to make some promises to God my Father.

I have no idea what this new year is going to bring to me personally. Usually I am very thankful that I have no clue what is coming. Some of the decisions I have made over the years would not have been made if I had known the outcome. Thankfully God is so much wiser than me and keeps me in the dark when it comes to telling me what's going to happen next.

I do know that there are things that I want to accomplish and improve on from last year. One thing that I want to improve on is my writing. I want to be more intentional in my writing. Perhaps step on a few toes in order to challenge others to reach beyond themselves. One of the things that was reinforced for me in Haiti is our culture of comfort and fun. Here in the good old US of A we place a high value on fun and comfort. Now before you tune me out, I am not saying we shouldn't have fun. Jesus went to a wedding and had lots of fun. What I am saying is that we tend to center our lives on our own comfort and fun. There is a high value attached to it. To the rest of the world we look like spoiled little brats.

My goal is to challenge you to look beyond yourself and look at the world around you. Who could use a kind word from you? What new Mom could use a meal taken? What children do you know that need to learn the value of serving others? This was really brought home as I was introduced to the T.V. show 19 Kids and Counting. I had heard of the Duggars but never watched their show. The biggest thing I appreciate about them is how they train their children to serve others. They start at a very young age and give them multiple opportunities to serve.

Perhaps you have no children in your home anymore. Do you have grandchildren in your life? There are so many things that we as adults can do that will encourage others to look beyond themselves. Grandchildren need to learn to serve others. Several ideas is to look in your town and see where the needs are. Most towns have police departments. They work 24/7. It doesn't have to be Christmas to bring them a plate of cookies and a thank you for all they do. What about the fire department? One of my favorites is the Ronald McDonald's house. When our second son Richard was critically ill while we lived on a tiny island out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, we were medevac back to the States. We were at Walter Reed for a month. We had no money and knew not a soul in the city. The Ronald McDonald invited us in. I will forever be in debt to them. Taking a meal to the facility is such a blessing. It doesn't matter how young your children are. They can still be a part of the serving.

Do you have luxuries like a boat or an RV? Instead of inviting people who look just like you invite the single Mom or the single Dad out for a day of fun and encouragement. Are you blessed with money? Then bless someone who is struggling through no fault of their own. What about writing one hand written card a month to your pastor or your elders? Nothing says I love you more than a hand written note.

Why don't you join me and reach out to just one person today? Be a blessing to someone else. As believers we are called to be Jesus' hands and feet. Now go out and do something about it.

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

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