Friday, October 4, 2013


I was trying to figure out just what kind of picture I should use for my next blog on pornography and came across a picture I purchased a few years back of a tornado. I tornado builds silently up in the atmosphere before it ever touches down. And when it finally touches down it wreaks destruction with anything in it's path. Homes are destroyed, people are killed and life is in chaos. That is a great description of pornography.

Before my husband became disabled he spent alot of his time not only as a minister but as a certified Marriage and Family therapist. We have lived in so many different states that we have friends scattered far and wide. On particular day out of the blue came three different cries for help. All three families were in crisis at considering divorce. Two out of three of them came as a complete surprise to us. Here is the kicker, all three families were in crisis because of pornography.

Until this point I was pretty clueless to what was really going on in the porn industry. I remember when Focus on the Family's very own Dr. James Dobson was asked to sit on a panel in Washington to study the effect of pornography on the nation. He was physically sick at what was shown to the panel. He spent many months going back and forth to Washington trying to get a grip on this growing problem. That was many years ago.

Welcome to 2013. We are in a battle or the hearts and minds of our children and for each other. Satan has found a wonderful way to pollute children's minds. It can be found on Mama's phone or Daddy's tablet or their friends at school or on the bus. No need to hide in Grandpa's shed anymore and look at dirty pictures in Playboy. Don't get me wrong, sensual picture of nude women are not okay. Internet porn though is a whole new ballgame. There are videos and they are free. Videos using children being abused sexually.

If you think your family has not been affected then I am going to make a really bold comment here, it is just a matter of time or your head is in the sand and it is already happening. Unless you live in an Amish community with no electricity and phones then you and your children have been exposed. When a child searches for something as innocent as a Disney cartoon character porn can pop up without ever searching for it.

Pornography is ruining marriages all over this country and pornography is stunting our children and our future grandchildren to have a warped sense of sexuality. It appears that there is no correlation between people who claim to be Christians and those who don't. It can happen in rich families as well as poor families. It can happen anywhere and anytime. In fact, over 50% of pastors watch porn. It is sick and it is disgusting and it is ruining our children's lives.

I am pleading with you to go do your own research. Covenant Eyes has a website with all kinds of stories and data. There is help for those who suffer from this terrible addiction. More on that next time. Are you a woman who suffers in silence? You don't have to. There is help. Are you addicted to porn yourself and don't know how to get out? There is help for you. Nothing is impossible with God.

More next time.
In Christ Alone,

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

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  1. Amen-
    Those in bondage may need to remember that our real enemy is Satan. Porn is one of his most powerful tools in today's world. Participating in this activity gives the Devil legal ground to wreak havoc in the person's life. It is no small thing.

    We as humans are far too frail to fight such battles on our own. However, as those who bear the name of Christ, we have access to His power. And, besides that, there are flesh-and-blood solutions, other people who offer help in various ways.

    There is always hope. But first we make the choice.