Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gratituesday The Alphabet Starts Over

It is now official. I have started over on the alphabet in honoring the mama's and babies I serve. I just welcomed into the world late last night a beautiful, very chunky baby boy. This makes the 27th time so he marks the next round in the alphabet. Baby A2 was in such a hurry to come that I missed the actual birth itself. When I dashed in the door there was Mama and baby in the bed falling in love.

I am so thankful that I don't miss births routinely. This little man was in a hurry. Before I tell you about the night let me go back because this sweet Mama was introduced to me 7 months earlier at another birth, Baby J. Her sister who looks like she could be her twin got out of her car as we were arriving. I had to do a double take because she looked like our client who was inside laboring. I turned to Wendy and asked who she was and for some strange reason asked when she was due. Apparently she had just found out she was pregnant but didn't want to spoil the joy of her sister.

The love these two sisters share remind me of my own sisters. It is so sweet to watch and last night was no exception. Mama J came to help Mama A2 bring this new little one into the world. Poor thing, she was thinking she might have to catch her nephew since we were all in our cars driving wildly (not really honey, I am trying to slow down, honest) right before the birth. Wendy and Courtney who live 20 minutes closer than I am got there with 3 minutes to spare. Just enough time to grab some gloves and catch that precious baby. Minutes later I walk into the scene with a smiling Mama and very content baby in her arms.

It really, really stinks to miss the actual birth but once it's over there is no sense in crying over it. There was still plenty of work to be done. There was caring for Mama. SInce the birth came so fast the birth tub sat nearly empty. It was the perfect place for her and baby A2 to have their first bath so the birth tub was filled up and the herbal bath was made. An hour after the birth Mama and baby were still skin to skin, happily nursing like a little champ. This is such a special time for Daddy, Mama and baby. A time to get to know their little one at a whole new level. We try really hard to not disturb that initial bonding. As long as Mama and baby are stable we let them be.

We just stood back in awe at the scene unfolding. We were busy charting which obviously there wasn't time for anything but notes until then. Mama J was just in awe of this miracle she had just witnessed. Her smile reached across her face and settled in her heart. Witnessing the birth of her nephew ranks high on her happy meter for today.

There was something that was wonderful at this birth. Watching this Papa dote on his wife was such a treasure to me. They recounted the past few hours and his words were so affirming to his wife. This was their first home birth. Their other two children were born in hospitals and they just could hardly wrap their minds around the simplicity birth can be. This Papa honors his wife and it just tickled me to my toes. They are an amazing couple that show the depth of love for each other. I can picture them when they have been married 50 years and it brings a smile to my face.

Peaceful, loving Mama and Papa's holding their precious new baby is what I am thankful for today. To get a peek into special marriages and very cool families is such a pleasure for me. It gives me great hope for the future. For that I am grateful.

In Christ Alone,

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

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