Friday, August 23, 2013


The Nest is Empty

The house is quiet tonight except for the dishwasher running. The t.v. has been turned off and I sit here realizing that this is the last night for my last baby chick that will finally leave the nest. I remember 20 years ago taking a walk in our subdivision, just the hubby and I. We were about to make a monumental decision that would effect us the rest of our lives.

Team A as we would fondly name them that night was back at the house playing basketball in the driveway. We were about to decide whether or not we would start all over again and have a Team B. We knew we would end up being older parents if we started all over again. We knew also that we could try and change some of the mistakes we made with our older kids on a new batch of children. God blessed us so richly that night as we begged for wisdom. We were ready to take that huge leap of faith.

Team B ended up with 5 boys! Five boys. We knew that when Michael came he would be our last baby. We were convinced we would not raise him to be a baby but grow to be a man of God. A young man that knew no matter what color your skin was you were a child of the King. I have a favorite picture in my mind's eye of Michael when he was 5 years old. Rich was digging post holes and one had to be dug way down deep. Michael was always one to grab a shovel anytime Dad had one and so he climbed down into that hold with his shovel as big as he was and was digging for all he was worth. No shirt on but a grin as wide as could be.

He has grown to be a fine young man. Tonight is Michael's last night at home before he officially launches off to college. Where did the time go? My last night with my last boy and what do I say to him? The same thing I told all the other chicks that were going to take their first flight out of the nest.

Son, we have been blessed to be called Mom and Dad for 18 years now. We have not been perfect parents but we were the parents God gave you. AS your Mama I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of you. How no matter how hard it was to watch Dad the last four years go through horrible pain you never gave up. You studied hard in school, you showed respect to all of those around you and you have been a perfect gentleman to all those fine young ladies who find you handsome. When I see you really smile my heart melts all over again with praise to God for lending you to me. I knew I was only given so much time and I hope I used it wisely.

You will step outside these doors tomorrow and I hope you remember everything we have taught you. I hope you remember that you can go and be anything with God's help. If anyone calls you out for the color of your skin,  remind yourself that God made you exactly the way he wanted you, tall and handsome with a heart of gold. Remember that your hands hold both black and white in a world that desperately needs to be color blind but isn't. That the value of a man is measured by his heart and not the color of his hands.

Finally son, remember that everyday you can wake up and make a choice as to the kind of man you will be each and every day. Now son, go and make us proud but most importantly, make your Father proud. Grow into the man He wants you to be while your Mama sits here and prays over you one more night.

With great love,
Your Mama

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

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