Saturday, August 3, 2013

I WANT To Go On Vacation!

"I want to go on vacation and I don't want to worry about a thing." That was the start of a commercial this morning, complete with beautiful pictures of a couple walking on a sandy beach. Funny I saw this first thing because I woke up thinking about our lives. I had sung to our daughter this morning over the phone for her birthday. I can picture the day of her birth like it was yesterday. I am so blessed beyond measure.

As I got off the phone I clicked on the facebook icon and saw my brother-inlaw and my niece having a fabulous time in Iceland on a special trip honoring her Masters degree. Then there are the gals at church who keep posting pictures of their girl trips. Are you getting the idea I have a big green monster stamped on my forehead?

With the big green monster on my forehead I want in no particular order;
1. I want to not worry about money
2. I want my husband to be perfectly healthy
3. I want to live in a place that has some room to move
4. I want to be skinny
5. I want my husband to be happy
6. I want to be in the picture with the girls going on vacation
7. I want to not worry about money (yes, I put it there twice)
8. I want my husband to not be in debilitating pain
9. I want a perfect church that has perfect harmony
10. I want to go on a dream vacation with a hubby that is not sick, with money that I don't have to be worried about with laughter and joy

Painfully honest, that is what I try to be. Did you notice that everyone of the top 10 things I want start with "I"?  Isn't that what the big green monster stamped on our foreheads start with? It is the constant tension between our sin nature and the plan God has for us. I was bought with a price, a very big price indeed. To know deep within my heart that Jesus loves me so much that he would have come down from the comforts of his home and was willing to become a lowly human to live and die just for me. Must mean I have great value.

Just how many of us feel the same way? I am reminded of the friend who is struggling with a debilitating disease at such a young age. Hubby doesn't want her anymore. I am thinking of the friend who has a tumor up in her brain that can't be operated on and is faced with chronic migraines. I think of the Mama who has empty arms today, who grieves the loss of her baby. You watch your spouse suffer day in and day out and you have no words. You are helpless.

So that brings me back around to God. MY LORD and my Savior. Do you realize that both those words mean very different things> A Savior, one who rescues. We all love to be rescued. To be swept off our feet and be so loved that our beloved comes in and rescues us from the very pit of hell. Now LORD is a very different thing. Almost everyone wants a Savior but not everyone wants a LORD! Why, when he is LORD he gets to chose. Not only does he get to chose but he wants us to chose him and not us as LORD.

I want both in my life. He is my Savior and because of that he is my LORD. This is the life he has for me. I will rejoice in what he has for me. So here is my other top ten list when God is also my LORD

1. God sent his son for me to make me whole
2. God loves me more than I can ever comprehend
3. God will never ever leave me
4. God will never let me go hungry
5. God will redeem my husband on his own time table
6. God will always provide a roof over my head even if that roof is not what I want!
7. God provides people in my life who are best for me
8. God has blessed me with children who are my delight
9. God walks right next time and amazingly carries me when I cant walk anymore
10. God delights in my devotion to him.

Savior or LORD? I will gladly take both. Someday heaven is going to be amazing. There will be no tears, I will get my chance to walk with my Father in the garden and I will be complete. Until then, I will be faithful no matter what Satan can throw my way, even the lie that going on the perfect vacation with the perfect husband is the perfect life.

In Christ Alone,

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

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  1. YES!
    Savior and Lord, I want someone to save me and also to rule in my life. May I remember each day that my life belongs to Him.
    Thank you Jill!