Monday, August 5, 2013

Gratituesday Blessings that Touch the Heart

There are few things in life that give me such great joy and peace than my children. I wish I could tell you I was the perfect parent, but I was not. I do love my children with a passion and not just prayed but begged the LORD as they were growing up to please stand in the gap where I fell so desperately short. He has honored that request over and over. To say that my children are a blessing to me would be an enormous understatement. I am honored to be their Mama but most importantly I feel so blessed to watch them raise their own children.

This week our daughter Serenity had a birthday. When each of their birthdays come around I love to reminisce in my brain the significant memories that I hold close to my heart. Serenity is our first born. Oh did we make some mistakes, but God gives firstborns a special extra layer of shielding to protect them from parents who have no clue.

I well remember writing to her during my pregnancy. My hopes and dreams for her were all laid out. I wanted her above all to experience for herself the amazing love and grace from God. I wanted her to outgrow our faith and find her joy and purpose in serving the LORD with her own faith.

While recovering from birth in an army hospital I cradled her in my arms and sang every hymn I could think of. I started in Genesis and started to read her scriptures. Crazy? Perhaps but I believed that it was never too early to start sharing the good news with the precious gift God gave me. I was bound and determined to never regret my actions as a parent. Of course that was a tall order that was impossible to fulfill but in the big scheme of things, God was so faithful in blessing us with a godly daughter that grew into a godly woman.

My daughter serves the LORD by loving her husband and children with a passion. I can't think of a higher calling for a woman of faith. When I read this scripture I have come to realize that answered my prayers better than I could have ever imagined.

An excellent wife who can find?
She opens her hand to the poor
and reaches out her hands to the needy.
She is not afraid of snow for her household,
for all her household are clothed in scarlet
Her husband is known in the gates
when he sits among the elders of the land.
Strength and dignity are her clothing,
and she laughs at the time to come.
She opens her mouth with wisdom,
and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.
She looks well to the ways of her household,
and does not eat the bread of idleness.
Her children rise up and call her blessed;
her husband also, and he praises her:
"Many women have done excellently,
but you surpass them all"
Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain,
but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised!

My precious daughter Serenity, this is you. Thank you for your grace and mercy and thank you for being a woman of God.
Happy Birthday sweetheart.
Love Mom

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".


  1. "Uva Uvam Videndo Varia Fit" (Latin Motto). It is no accident that your lovely daughter is a godly woman. Birthday greetings to her! Wendy

  2. Jill,
    I've been reading your blog since the beginning and want to say thank you for all that you share. What a beautiful thing for you to say for Serenity's birthday. I have always been in awe of you and feel it's due that someone says here what I'm sure everyone knows and thinks about you. No matter what struggles you have dealt with in your life, you have praised God for the blessings He has given you. You never turn you back, or even glance away when most people would. Your stories of struggle turn into inspiration for all who know you. In this post, you talk of your shortcomings as a parent. I beg to differ. I have never seen a better example of a wife and mother than you. You raised incredible Godly children in a world that is desperately trying to do the opposite. I had the privilege to watch both you and Rich raise them personally years ago and to this day, try daily to emulate your example. Your shortcomings I'm sure would be successes in my opinion because I fall so short of your example. As a mother, wife, and most importantly a Christian, you are the example I would use for the world to follow. You are truely Blessed Jill and the outreach of your spirit reaches much further than you know. The incredible job you did raising your family will span generations, bringing Christ to those who are lost and those in need of refocusing. As you watch your children raise your grandchildren to love the Lord, and hopefully your great-grandchildren to do the same, also know that there are countless others who love the Lord because of the example you set and the ministry in your heart. Thank you Jill and may God Bless you and your family.