Thursday, June 27, 2013

Welcome to the World Baby W

Baby W has completed our first season of births this year. My boss takes off part of the summer to rejuvenate so we all waited patiently for this precious babe. The last several births have been clients that  I have seen in the office so it seems a little lopsided but come fall most babies will be from the office Wendy and Courtney usually go to. I will get to learn our new electronic charting system. Now to baby W.

This couple came to the practice through extended family. We have loved this entire extended family. They are hard working, very creative, God loving people. The wives in the family are very special. They sure know how to birth babies! Baby W is the first baby for this couple.

When the call came I was invited to come early in labor to help with pain control. That is where the doula training is invaluable. Dad and I did counter pressure on her hips and her head to help with the contractions. Mama was so focused on each and every contraction, wanting to silently work them. When I checked her I could already feel the baby's head so she was making great progress!

Every contraction from the time I arrived was already a minute long. They were consistently 5 minutes a part, she and baby were making great progress. I was thinking at the time, this first time Mama is making such fast progress. I was keeping Wendy informed of her progress and when she was consistently 4 minutes a part she and Courtney arrived.

Mama was checked again and she was 7 centimeters and almost full effaced. It did not take her long from that point to go from a 7 to just a little cervical lip left. Now comes the interesting part. Lesson number 1, never assume things will just quickly progress to a baby flying out!

When it came time to push this new Mama pushed like a champ. There was only one problem, the baby  was going to come out slowly one centimeter at a time. I told Dad at one point, most Dad's never get to see their baby come one centimeter at a time. This Mama gets the award for pushing in every single position available to woman kind! All a long the heart rate for baby was perfect after each push. Baby handled everything so well.

Finally the baby crowned. Now in my limited experience once a baby crowns you are just about to cross the finish line. Not this time. This new Mama not only gets the award for the most positions to push in, she gets the award for the longest crown in history! That baby crowned for one hour and thirty five minutes. I didn't know that was possible! Poor Mama was so tired at this point. She had been up all night and was so very tired.

Mama had decided in the months leading up to the birth that she really didn't want the hassle of setting up a birth tub. So towards the end all 5 of us were in their bathroom encouraging Mama to finish strong. Wendy was kneeling in front of her sitting on the toilet. I am back to the side of her doing head squeezes and poor Courtney is having to move farther into the corner with all the equipment. When a Mama is in labor we take a tray of essential supplies with us wherever Mama goes. So if she is in the living room we move everything into the living room, in the bedroom or bathroom the same thing. At this point Courtney now has everything including the tray in with us. All the while Courtney is charting electronically (our first birth to go completely electronic) everything going on.

At one point I was getting nervous about the baby plopping into the toilet, not a very peaceful way into the world! As you can well imagine there is limited space with a laboring Mama on a toilet and a midwifes hand to catch a baby! The tub gets filled up for hopefully the final push to get this baby out. Picture a baby crowned with Mama having to move into yet another position! This lady was so classy,such a trooper! At one point Wendy told Mama to get just get mad and push that baby out. The next day when we went to check on Mama and baby, Mama told us she was thinking in her mind, I am already mad, I want this to be over!

Dad all the while is giving her soothing encouragement with his voice and his hands. I am kneeling to his left supporting the baby's head. At this point I feel like I am in a slow motion picture, centimeter by centimeter. I could feel the baby's eyes and then the ears. All the while baby is tolerating this so well. Never once did the baby's heart rate come down. Baby was almost there.....

A minute or two before the baby's head finally came out Wendy traded places with me. All along the three of us were thinking there is a reason this baby is coming out so slowly and sure enough the cord was wrapped not once but twice around the neck. Wendy quickly unwound the cord and brought baby up to Mama's chest. After some stimulation baby pinked right up.

Dad announced that they just had their first boy! Neither of them had cared if they had a boy or a girl. All they wanted was a healthy baby and they got the desire of their hearts. They sat together with baby and Mama in the tub and Dad just welcoming their new baby. The cord needed to be cut early so Dad got to hold his son pretty early. Courtney had already gotten the bed all set up and we moved her from the tub to the bed.

Usually delivering the placenta is a non-event. Not in this case. The placenta was going to take it's sweet old time to come just like baby. Mama was given herbs to help release the placenta and to stop the bleeding. This scene brought me back to my first hospital birth as a doula. In that case the doctor had to manually take it out piece by piece. I was hoping and praying that this would not be the case.

Finally the placenta came over an hour later. In spite of the fact that Mama had a crowned baby for well over an hour she did not tear one bit. We were all so thankful at that point. I think everyone felt like we had run a marathon with this one. Poor Dad and Mama, they were both exhausted. Once Wendy did all the newborn screening and getting height and weight we tucked them all in so they could finally get the rest they deserved.

This was the last baby of the season for us. So the three of us went out to a favorite breakfast joint and had a celebration. Our boss is now off call and can finally sleep through the night. As I reflect back I am so thankful to God that he led me to Wendy and Courtney. I feel so at home in this practice. I have now witnessed the miracle of birth 23 times this year.  In just a short time we will start the second season of the year and will be ready to go again.

Courtney and I went to the 24 hour check and we all shared the story of the birth. I asked Dad how he felt holding his first born son and he said it was a great feeling. His hopes and dreams for his baby boy is to grow to be a man of God. He shared that if he did that then all the other things like character, hard work and integrity would come. Mama told us that she wanted her little man to grow up to just love the LORD with his whole heart.

All that is left to say is AMEN!

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

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