Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Singing A Baby Into the World

When I got the phone call at 4 in the morning that Baby U was on his way I jumped out of bed and headed out the door. While walking to my car I looked up in the sky and told the LORD I love my job and so very thankful that he had blessed me with this job. Little did I know this would be a remarkable experience that I would not soon forget.
This client and her family were seen in our Clarkston office so I had never had the opportunity to see them before their home visit a month ago. I was told I would just love them. Their nine year old daughter came to every appointment and became Wendy’s junior assistant. We go to each Mama’s home about a month before the birth and I did love them instantly. Their daughter was such a blessing and a loving young lady. She had set up a tea party so that she and Wendy could have some fun. We were served lunch after the appointment. I knew this birth would be awesome!

I got to the birth first since I was the closest. Dad greeted me at the door and said he was so thankful to see one of us. When I got upstairs poor Mama was lying on her side miserable. I immediately got Mama up off the bed and she had the next contraction standing over the bed with me doing hip counter pressure. She said she had no clue why but the combination of standing and the hip squeeze took away a good portion of the pain. It was then that she had asked me to start talking over her, praying over her and reciting scripture. She wanted eye contact and reassurance. I was happy to comply. I prayed over her and started sharing one scripture in particular.  I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. It wasn’t very long before Courtney arrived and I updated her and shared what Mama had asked for. Usually I would then go to setting everything up and Courtney doing the hands on work since she was Courtney’s client. She told me to keep doing what I was doing while she set up and got everything ready. We changed positions multiple times and worked together through each contraction. If Dad wasn’t getting something for Mama he took either her head or her hips and did the counter pressure.
It wasn’t long until she started to feel real pressure. We all took turns supporting Mama anyway that we could. At one point she asked us if we would sing to her. Courtney sings solos at her church and has an amazing voice. She was a tad nervous singing in the situation we found ourselves in but with lots of encouragement she started singing then Wendy started to sing harmony and then a solo. We would think about another song and we would start in. I remember singing the song Holy Ground which I thought was perfect for the situation. We sang three part harmony on some of the songs. This was surreal. We are helping a Mama give birth and we are singing to her and the baby. I know people who have sung a loved one into the arms of Jesus but never sung a baby into his Mama’s arms.
Once the pressure was intense Mama felt she was having the same contractions over and over.Wendy was then able to see her stand up and realized the baby was hanging over her pelvic bone. We quickly changed positions and Dad sat on the bed with Mama in front of him. Courtney and I traded off and on helping with counter pressure for her hips and head. Dad started to lift her belly up during the contractions. At some point Dad started to feel the baby twist and turn. His face was precious when he realized what was happening. He would put pressure on the top of her belly encouraging the baby to move down. The baby’s heart rate stayed perfect through the whole time. This probably lasted only an hour. The water broke while Courtney was sitting in front of Mama holding up her belly. We then realized she could deliver standing up and she has really pretty carpet and we didn’t want to mess it up so we quickly covered the floor. We sang some more, prayed, quoted scripture and encouraged Mama. She was so strong throughout the entire labor and delivery.
In the end she finished pushing the baby up on the bed. I stayed at Mama’s head and Courtney and Wendy tended to the delivery. It was hard work pushing that baby out. Little did we know this was not an eight pound baby. It took multiple pushes to get this baby out.
Their daughter had been up the last hour before the birth. She sat part of the time with Grandma who came from out of town to help. Grandma would explain what was going on and Wendy would also go over and talk to her. Everyone wanted to make sure she was comfortable. Several times she came over and rubbed her Mama’s back and sweetly told her she was doing a great job. Once the baby’s head started to crown she came back  over to watch. She was wide-eyed. There was lots of hair when the baby crowned. Big sister the told all of us “excuse me for a minute. I need a crying break I am so happy”. She ran over to the other side of the room into Grandma’s arms excitedly telling how much she loved baby brother. This scene will be forever in my brain, it was so precious. She cried for about a minute and then came back for the rest of the delivery, telling Mama she was doing so well, cheering her on. I don’t know the exact song we sang at the end but it should have been the Alleluiah chorus!

Courtney and Wendy caught the baby and slid him underneath Mama so she could see the baby. He was amazing and full of black hair. I was on the other side of the bed and wiped him off. It wasn’t until I picked him up the first time that this was no ordinary baby. I told Wendy and Courtney that this baby was at least nine pounds but could easily be ten pounds. Sure enough, when Courtney weighed him he was 9 pounds 15 ounces. His chest measured 15 inches. I have never seen a baby that big born naturally.
Within an hour Mama said the sweetest thing. “That was the most peaceful birth”. That is what we strive for each and every time. I am so humbled that we were able to be a small part and witness the birth. On reflection Mama said to me, “I had no idea that I was that strong!” You are that strong Mama was my reply. Her daughters birth eight or nine years ago was a heavily medicated hospital birth that left her feeling sad.
Here is a family of great faith. I prayed over the baby shortly after his arrival. We are all truly grateful for a healthy baby boy that came in the world this week. My prayer for him is that he grows into a godly young man who makes a difference in the lives of others.

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

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  1. Reading this brought tears to my eyes. How very blessed you are!