Tuesday, June 18, 2013


The first look between Mama and baby girl is priceless. I was privileged to witness the birth of this precious babe on Sunday. This is the second Sunday I have not been in a pew but bent over a birthing tub.

I was able to watch this Mama through her pregnancy. We got the call around 5am Sunday morning. When we all arrived Mama was sitting on the couch with the children calmly playing with them. Wendy shared that what we were seeing was very typical of this woman. IN other words looks can be deceiving. Something that I have learned is not all women's faces show the real story. After Wendy verified what she thought, Mama was already 8 centimeters.

Mama had really wanted to have a water birth this time. The other two ended up out of the water and this time she was determined to have this baby in water. She didn't want to get in until she felt she was really close. So, she walked around the house, sat on the birth ball and just played with her two little beauties.

The children were so precious. They kissed Mama's tummy and telling their new baby to come on out. They read stories, they made pictures and they made each of us invitations to the birth. Just watching the rhythm of this family was wonderful. Mama never missed a beat all while laboring with this baby.

When Mama decided it was time to get into the tub the two little beauties went into their rooms and got their swimsuits on. Out came little bathing buddies for Mama, both with washcloths in their hands. They were asked to be gentle, no jumping up and down, no splashing so Mama could focus. So they take their washcloths and wash Mamas back, kiss her belly, telling little baby it was time to come out. They had so much fun in the water with Mama. If you hadn't known what was going on you would have thought this was a pool party!

Daddy had given the girls plenty of time to play in the pool with Mama and when it was time to get out they just jumped right into Daddys arms to get some dry clothes on. Things were really picking up at this point and it was obvious Mama was needing to focus. The girls came back dry and happy and ready to help again. Their oldest is around 4 years old and she went into the kitchen and made a banana and nutella sandwich for Mama. The littlest came back and rubbed Mamas face and just talked away.

At some point the beauties needed to be distracted so they were asked if they wanted to go outside and play for a while. They were assured they would not miss the birth. It was perfect timing because now Mama was ready to push this baby out. She did some powerful work bringing the baby down. By this point Daddy was in the pool and providing much needed sacrum support. With each push she brought the baby farther down the birth canal. I was checking on the baby's heart rate with the pushing and it was always right on target, baby was doing great.

To Mama it seemed like it was taking forever to push the baby out. Her other two were fairly easy to push out but this one seemed to take longer than she wanted. In truth it was not that long. She changed positions multiple times in the pool trying to find the sweet spot for her to deliver. The descent of the head was going great. She could not figure out why the baby was not coming out. We all assured her she was doing great and there was nothing wrong, she was pushing great.

It was always the plan for Dad to catch the baby but at the last minute she needed to have better leverage so Dad held her up barely on top of the water so she could get the leverage she needed to push    the baby out. Wendy was on one side of the pool and I was on the other, bent over the tub to catch the baby when she slid out. Dad said it was time for his other beauties to come witness the birth and right on cue the children came in. When the head was finally out Mama laid back and said calmly, "now what, what should I do?" She became confused because she had never had a baby's head out and not the body follow in a second! Dad helped her back up to give that one final push. The baby landed squarely in my hands at the bottom of the pool.  Dad eased Mama down, baby was lifted onto her chest and then after 9 short months Mama and baby met for the very first time.

They had hired the photographer Yamile Branch Photography that Baby S had hired. I just love working with Yamile. She is so sensitive to the parents wishes and she takes amazing pictures. She has this gorgeous accent and is a beautiful soul. The picture above was taken while I was to the left of Mama having just brought the baby out of the water. It is a priceless picture and I have to say I had no clue the baby came out with eyes wide open. Thankfully Yamile did not!

Baby girl was covered in vernix, which is a beautiful coating put there by God to protect the baby's skin while in the sac all those months. It has the most natural anti-aging properties and I was literally covered in it after bringing the baby out of the water. The baby pinked right up and made the first cry right on cue. She was so calm in her Mama's arms, snuggling with her. We all backed away so the family could have these first precious moments alone.

My gloves were literally covered in vernix so I got up and changed into clean gloves. It was wonderful to just stand back and watch the scene unfold. I went and checked the cord for pulsing after Mama said she was feeling it was almost time to deliver the placenta. The cord had quickly stopped pulsing so we all helped to get her out of the water and onto the couch. We have drapes and pads to put down so that anything we set Mama and baby on won't get wrecked.

Baby was started to nurse which is a great help in getting the uterus to contract and deliver the placenta. After the placenta was out it was once again time to step away. We covered the pan that had the placenta in so the children could come back over and sit with Mama and baby. We busied ourselves in the other room while they took time to meet their new baby girl.

The baby nursed like she had done it all her life, always a good sign. Her bed got set up and they all moved into the bedroom where the decided to burn the cord. If you don't know what that is about you can read about it here. After the cord burning we did the newborn evaluation and she was declared perfect.

Courtney helped with the herbal bath and afterwards it was time to head out. Today, on this Gratituesday I am so very thankful for the birth team I work with. They are patient with me and teach me the things I need to learn. I am also thankful for a healthy baby girl and for this family, for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful, crazy thing called birth!

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

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