Sunday, May 5, 2013

Let the Little Children...

The faith of a child

Last time I left off with finding out Richard was blind. I was going to have to go home and face our other children. I had already called Rich and told him while I was still at the hospital. I remember being a wreck driving home.

I walked in and Rich had gotten home from his job and was with the children. Serenity was five years old at the time. We sat down with her and Gabriel who was three so he really didn’t have any clue what was going on.

I remember telling Serenity her baby brother was never going to see again. The doctors had told me that what had happened to him was permanent. Atrophy had already occurred behind his eyes and that was irreversible. 

Serenity had such a strong bond with her baby brother at this point. She considered Richard her baby and was therefore very protective. When I tried to explain Richard blindness she became upset. She wanted to know why it happened and of course at this point we had no answers. She then asked me a question that put my faith to the test.

“Mommy, God CAN heal Richard, right Mommy?” Of course he can I told her. Deep inside though I had doubts as to whether God would indeed heal Richard.  I had heard of those charlatans on T.V. that for a price would send you a prayer clothe that would heal you. I had heard of old fashioned tent meetings where you could go up for healing. None of those rang true to me.

So I did what any other mother would do and tried to explain to a little child that yes, God was very big and powerful but he usually didn’t heal little babies of blindness. I tried to tell her that God would use the blindness to be a witness to God’s glory and goodness.  All through this conversation and others just like it I would say the same thing. Of course honey, God has the power but he usually doesn’t work that way.

It didn’t matter what I said to my precious little girl with a giant sized faith. Serenity told me that God would heal her baby brother. Over and over again she would confidently tell me that God would heal him.

I was worried about my little girl’s faith. How will she ever recover when her prayers are not answered, I thought? How would she feel about God when he didn’t answer her prayer the way she had thought he would?  Being a Mom is a tough job. I felt so inadequate.

I remember going to bed that night and crying quietly asking God to be with our little family.  I had no other words. I never did pray for healing as far as I can remember. I knew God had the power but in my heart I knew that God didn’t work that way anymore.  Oh yea of little faith!

The next day I had another appointment and it was then that I realized just how serious Richard’s condition was.

Till next time.
In Christ Alone,

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  1. Im crying as I read this and waiting for the answers I need and then u give me a CLIFF HANGER REALLY!!!!!777........ patently waiting for the end.