Thursday, May 30, 2013

Celebration of Discipline

Last time I shared with you my struggle with my weight. I have to admit, it is very scary to bear your soul to those you love but I have promised to always be real with those who read my blog. So real I will be.

The past few months our small group has been working through the book, Celebration of Discipline by Richard J. Foster. It is considered a Christian classic. The book encourages you to be on the path to spiritual growth. Rich and I have gone through this book before so the concepts have not been new to me.

Mr. Foster divides the book into three parts. The first is the inward disciplines that include; meditation, prayer, fasting and study. The second part of the book deals with the outward disciplines. Simplicity, solitude, submission and service. The third section deals with what Foster calls the corporate disciplines; confession, worship, guidance and celebration.

I realized that I am great at the outward disciplines, especially simplicity which I crave and submission along with service. I love these things and practice them faithfully. The inward disciplines like prayer and study are easy for me along with study but the fasting has challenged me the past few years and simply gave up trying to fast.

Fasting is indeed a lost art. Many body of believers don't even talk about it. I have fasted over several days for many years until the last couple of years. Fasting is all about food. It is about self denial. Giving food or just some foods up for a higher purpose. Fasting in the Bible was never about losing weight. In fact during Bible times you had to really work at being fat. The Jews especially wandered for many years and ate manna. You don't get fat on manna! It was royalty that became heavy and were gluttons.  Food was supposed to be sustenance for our bodies, not an art form all it's own.

I once heard the quote that goes something like this, eat to live not live to eat. Well, with so many pictures on T.V. about food or the Internet ads popping up about delicious food, especially Pinterest it is hard not to live to eat!  In fact, I love great cooking and baking. I have just not learned how to eat three bites of something delicious and then walk away.

Did I hear an Amen? Am I the only one who has a lack of self control when it comes to delicious food?  I seriously doubt I am the only one. Maybe I am just the one who is sick and tired of thinking this way and willing to admit it? Certainly I can't be the only one???

So between loving to cook and bake and dealing with the challenges in my life the two collided in a very big way and added a ton of weight to this body. So now I have to learn to deal better with the stress. The sad truth is I never really thought about eating because I was stressed. I have had people in my life who constantly complain about being stressed and I just didn't get it. I was stressed but didn't complain because I was nursing my stress by eating so I didn't realize the eating was how I coped with stress.  I didn't want to be a complainer so I thought I was doing great. What a lie straight from the pit of Hell.

Speaking of the devil, I have come to the conclusion that Satan will use ANYTHING to grab hold of us and keep us in bondage. Some people struggle with sexual sin which is not socially acceptable (at least in the church) some people struggle with cheating on their taxes, some people struggle with having material goods and then there is others like me who struggle with food. Because it is considered an acceptable sin (kind of like gossip) no one challenges us to consider it a serious challenge.

This is a problem for me and I don't want to live in bondage anymore. Is there anyone who wants to join me in this journey of breaking through the yoke of slavery that food can be? Perhaps this isn't your struggle but something that is said will spur you on to tackle your own challenge. Come join me as we work on this together.

In Christ Alone,

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".


  1. Thank you so much for these recent posts. You have touched me.

    I love you,

  2. Count me in! I am also a 'stress eater'. When I am down, I eat for comfort. The problem is I have known this for a long time, but can't seem to rid of it because it makes me feel so much better when I eat 'anything'. I had lost 15 lbs, but what I've been going through in my life I've gained 10 lbs back...seems like overnight! But trying to get back on track. As I pray I do ask for help from the Almighty. Thanks for all the encouraging words. Your sister in Christ, Jeanette R

  3. What do you have in mind? I'm a stress eater too :-( but I also have some health issues.

    I've been struggling with a weight issue since I miscarried in 2007. I've tried every diet and exercise imaginable with no results. My chiropractor did some testing and discovered a few things going on inside. I'm taking supplements and now I am finally SLOWLY losing some weight - 15 pounds since April 1st (no foolin'!).

    I have 2 bad knees, but I had a procedure done on them yesterday (yeah!) and hopefully in the next few weeks I'll be able to walk, run and exercise more weight off. I need to lose 50+ pounds . . .

    I like having accountability partners :-)


    1. I think accountability partners are essential. I also believe that bringing this before the LORD and asking for specific help is also essential. I will be blogging on this towards the middle of the week so stay tuned. Thanks for reading Karate Mom