Thursday, May 9, 2013

Baby S and the Beautiful Lotus Birth

What a peace filled birth. This is one of the first ones I have had the privilege to work from start to finish. I was there for her first pre-natal visit and everything else including the birth and well baby check at one day old.

Normally our clients come into one of our three offices for their pre-natal visits. However, in this case we had just finished up a home visit in the same are, so we actually went to Baby S’s Mama house for the first visit. Wendy had been the midwife for her other children so this was a reacquainted visit for Wendy.

When we pulled up to this lovely couple’s home I stood with my mouth hanging open, their home is a castle! So for the early months I called her in my mind the castle lady. Their home is beyond lovely. They are such gracious hostesses. In fact at the first visit they had a Christmas gift for Wendy beautifully wrapped, sitting waiting for her to open it. I thought to myself, these are very thoughtful people, and they were indeed.

Like most of our clients, Baby S’s mom was extremely conscious of what she put into her body. It is usually my job to go over the food diary they keep at the beginning of the pregnancy. There was not one suggestion I could offer. Nothing, she knew nutrition like the back of her hand. This baby was off to a great start!

As the pregnancy progressed she did fabulous. She had very few questions throughout the pregnancy. She is one informed Mama. Dad is also a true partner in all of this. He reads everything about birth and babies along with her. They use the Bradley method so they focus on relaxation, working with the baby and not against. They did all of their pre natal’s together, so we were able to really get to know Dad, which is a huge benefit.

I remember at about 34 weeks Mama came in and lay down on the table and when I looked at her belly I said, (without thinking of course) “WOW, that is the biggest belly I have ever seen.”  That’s me, sometimes my mouth runs faster than my brain! What I meant to say it is the tallest belly I have ever seen. She is a very small woman and you couldn’t tell anywhere besides her belly that she was even pregnant. When she was on the table her belly looked like a tall mountain, it was quite impressive.

We had all been looking forward to this birth. The call came at 3:45 am. Mama’s contractions were 1 minute long and 5 minutes apart. We all headed right over. When I got there Mama came down the stairs and promptly went into the kitchen and squeezed her own oranges for some fresh orange juice. I offered to do counter pressure during the contractions but she told me she was doing fine. We laughed in the kitchen.

Now, six months ago I would have said she was far from delivery. I have learned the rules are no rules at all. I started the herbal bath brewing on the stove and Wendy came and talked with us in the kitchen and asked if she could check her progress.

They went upstairs and Courtney and I followed in a few minutes. Mama didn’t want to know the number for dilation so Wendy wrote it in the chart and we both looked and saw she was already 7 centimeters and the baby’s station was plus one.

We got busy getting all our supplies laid out and ready to go. We listened to the baby’s heartbeat with the Doppler for the first time. Mama S had asked us to use the old fashion fetal scope during the whole pregnancy so I got a really cool handmade wood instrument. Listening through that is very different then hearing it on an electronic device. I was thrilled when I heard it.

Mama had intended on a water birth and boy did she have the place to do it. I wish I could share a picture of their bathroom. Picture a beautiful sunken very elegant tub, a fireplace, beautiful windows, soft music, and at least a 2-3 person pretty shower. There are handmade cabinets all around the room, and this is just one bathroom!

Mama labored quietly with hubby for less than 2 hours. All at once she had the urge to push without so much as a sound out of her. Dad got in the tub halfway, sitting on the edge. That lasted about 2 minutes, and then Mama said “the baby is coming!” and sure enough a head popped out. Dad is holding the babies head and looks over to Wendy who is sitting on a chair in the corner. Dad says to Wendy, “Um Wendy, I got the head!” yep Wendy said as she stayed in the chair. The rest of the body will come out in just a second. The next push out came this beautiful baby. Both Mom and Dad pulled the baby up out of the water and onto Mama’s chest. Dad and Mama had no idea if they were having a boy or a girl. When they looked down to see the baby was a boy, Mama’s face was priceless. The professional photographer (who took the above picture) captured the look and I will never forget the joy on Mama’s face.

They sat there for the longest time in awe. Dad kept kissing the baby and Mama. They both talked to their new son and just loved on him. We made our self-scarce for a while so they had some private time bonding. It was obvious baby did not need any help from us!

This was such a beautiful and peace filled birth. I wish all women knew they could do the very same thing. It takes good information, a healthy lifestyle, chiropractic care and just lots of time being healthy. Any woman who wants to could do just what our Mama did. She is strong and she is powerful.

This was a lotus birth which means not only is the cord not cut after the placenta is delivered but it stays attached to baby for an extended period of time. They ended up moving to the massage table in their bedroom with Mama on a birthing ball and Dad on his knees holding his new son. They lit taper candles and each burnt the cord from their respective sides about 10 centimeters from his belly. It was all done in complete safety. Apparently the temperature warms up the cord and in turns warms up the baby’s intestines. It actually took about 12 minutes to burn through the cord. Baby slept peacefully in Daddy’s arms during the whole thing. 

We didn’t leave for almost 5 hours after the birth. We all sat around the bed and retold the birth story, listening to Mama and Dad tell from their vantage points. It seems the funniest part was when Daddy looked up at Wendy with questioning eyes, like help Wendy, I don’t know what I am doing type look. In typical Wendy fashion, she calmly told him he was doing great and just stay the course, cool as a cucumber!

It never gets old. Each birth is a true miracle that I am privileged to witness time and time again. This one was extra special. It reminded me again just how blessed I am! I don’t happen to be blessed with a castle but I am blessed with memories of countless experiences that enrich my life.

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

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  1. wow! what a awesome and beautiful birth story! blessings to the family!