Thursday, April 25, 2013


Back to the story. I took the baby to the pediatric clinic at the Air Force Base. By this point he was a little over two months old and could not hold up his head, he had no tone and he screamed with a very high pitch scream for hours and hours at a time.  The only time he did not cry was immediately after a feeding. We had a good 15 minutes before the screaming started. He could not hold a finger or a bottle.

So a male pediatrician walks in and hardly even looks at the baby. He was in a hurry, lots of babies to see during the day. He checked him so quick you would have missed it if you had blinked your eye, no kidding!

He turns to me who is admittedly worried sick and he says, "There is nothing wrong with this baby, you are just over feeding him". Are you serious? This is baby number three and I know it was my first time bottle feeding but seriously, nothing wrong with him? He told me to lower how much I was giving him at a feeding and go home.

I was stunned. Now remember at this point I am a young mother, void of all the experiences I have had since but I KNEW something was really wrong with our son. So I did what any other mother would have done the next day and called the pediatric clinic and told them I was coming right now and I needed another pediatrician NOW!

I got there and in walks a female pediatrician.  She sat down and listened, through tears, my story. I told her about the comatose incident several weeks earlier and told her about the high pitched screaming when going over bumps and any movement. I told her about the lack of tone. I then sat back and plead with my eyes to please help us.

What she did next was amazing. She spent almost 30 minutes examining our son, from head to toe. She asked lots of questions and I answered the best I knew how. She tenderly asked how we had functioned for all those weeks with a screaming baby. I told her one time I had to put him in the crib and closed the door for 30 minutes at one point because I just couldn't handle the screaming any more. I told her Rich had a very hard time listening to the screams when nothing would comfort him so he would take the kids and go for a walk. There were a lot of walks for some quiet.

When she was done she said she had a plan. First I was going to go home and she would call the next morning with our first appointment. They would be scanning his brain all different ways. Lots of testing. She was so kind and told me that we would figure out what was wrong. Everything she talked about was directed at his brain, I was worried about his stomach. The only thing I could correlate with the screaming and when it has stopped was the feeding. I asked if her if after all the other testing was done could she please check his stomach for a possible ulcer. With kindness in her eyes she said of course she would.

I went back to our little temporary housing on base and told Rich that finally we had someone who was listening and hopefully they would find out what was wrong. In just a few hours I would be seeing the first specialist and he would figure it all out.

The next morning the call came. I was to report to Dr. SoandSO in clinic 203. What happened next broke my heart.

Join me next time.
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