Monday, April 22, 2013

From the Heart of Jill

Good morning to each of you. I pray this day is filled with enough challenges to keep you growing and enough joy to give you hope!  We will be having a break in baby catching for a few weeks so I thought this time could be spent on some reflections of what God has been teaching me. After all, this is called "From the Heart of Jill". There is more to me than baby catching!

Before Rich and I married almost 36 years ago we decided that someday we would adopt special needs children. We both had a desire to help those who could not help themselves. We had no interest in adopting white healthy babies because almost everyone wants to adopt white healthy babies. We wanted to adopt those who needed a family to love them no matter what.

Our first attempt at adoption didn't go so well. Every agency we called told us we were either too young, had too many children already or didn't make enough money. Back in the very early 80's children of color were not allowed to be adopted by white people. Just let that sink in for a minute.

We had shared our desire with the congregation we were attending at the time and so everyone had been praying that God would send us a baby. We waited many months to finally get any lead on a baby.  There was only one problem, the baby was a white healthy baby. Our minister called us out of the blue one day asking us if we were still interested in adopting a baby. He told us of a university student who found herself in an unplanned pregnancy and wanted to place the baby for adoption in our particular denomination. By all accounts the baby was white and healthy.

We struggled for a little bit on what to do at this point. We knew just about anybody could adopt such a baby so would it be right to adopt him if we felt God was calling us to adopt a baby that would be hard to place? We realized that God was handing us a baby on a silver platter and we should jump at the chance. It only took several months before we realized how God would use this supposed white healthy baby to challenge our faith in God's plan.

At the time of the phone call Rich was away at a four month long school, becoming an officer. We had several talks on the phone and decided that indeed we would say yes. We did all the paperwork and just waited.  Birth Mom was in the final stages of the pregnancy, by all accounts the baby was perfect. The hospital called me 40 minutes after the baby was born to tell me the baby was just fine and congratulations, it is a boy!

Because of hubby's schooling he wasn't supposed to be allowed a weekend pass but that is what he was given. He flew home and we drove hours to get to the hospital. There was a 72 hour space of time between birth and when his birth Mom could sign the papers. Those 72 hours were torture for all of us. There were times when she changed her mind and wanted to keep the baby. It was a gut wrenching decision for her. In the end she signed the papers. The lawyer picked up the baby while we waited nervously at a local K-Mart for him to arrive with the baby. We met our son in the back of a car. He was so beautiful we both cried at this wonderful gift God had laid in our laps. 

We were driven to the court house where the sheriff physically served our new baby with a summons. I will never forget, the sheriff said to the baby, "Son, I hope this is the only time in your life you are served with papers from a police officer." 

After that we were brought into the judges private chambers where we sat and listened to him tell us about the responsibility we were about to undertake. He warned us to never, ever treat him any differently than the rest of the children both emotionally and legally. It was a very serious talk and we assured him we would love him and care for him just like our other children. With that the lawyer drove us to where our car had been and off the three of us went while the other children were waiting patiently at home.

Little did I know on that drive home that our lives would be forever changed.
Till next time.
In Christ Alone,

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

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  1. Anxiously waiting for ur next post. What a beautiful story.