Friday, April 19, 2013

Baby O Born in the Caul

As a birth team we were so blessed to experience a very rare event, a baby being born in the caul. You might be asking what being in a caul actually means. Before becoming a student midwife I had never even heard of the term. Being born in the cau means the bag of waters never broke during labor and delivery. The baby actually comes out inside of the unbroken water. It is such a rare event. Some midwives have never seen a birth like this. We were privileged to witness just such a birth, right before a full moon.

It was my turn to catch this baby so I feel doubly blessed. Mama had been in labor for a few hours when we arrived at her home. The birth tub was set up so she could get in and relax. There is a reason birth tubs are called the midwifes natural epidural. Once one most Mamas let out this awe sound and just relax. Their bodies are buoyant so it really helps to be able to move around easily. The warm water helps with contractions since the body is so relaxed.   I used peppermint essential oils to help with nausea she was experiencing.

When it came close to the actual birth Mama decided she was done with the tub and wanted to deliver on the bed. She got on her hands and knees and started to push. I had expected the bag of waters to shoot out but nothing except baby. Wendy and Courtney quickly realized we were going to get to experience a baby born in the water sac so Courtney grabbed a camera and started taking pictures. I was up on the bed on my knees guiding the babies head. As a start to see the head I notice the bag. Once the babies body was completely out I pulled off the bag and out emerged a beautiful little baby girl. She was a miracle. Mama quickly sat back down and I handed her her precious daughter.

We all marveled at what we had just witnessed. For obvious reasons Mama was unable to see the actual  bag of waters come with the baby but she has pictures.  Her husband was just in awe. He had been right by her side the entire time just holding her hand. It was an awesome experience.

e the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

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