Thursday, March 14, 2013

Baby "L" and the Challis

Baby “L” and the Challis
This was the second baby for this Mama. Her first was a little girl that was born at home. Mama and Dad were trained in Hypnobirthing. We have had several women use some of the techniques from hypnobirthing but never had anyone go all the way through labor using it. Like the name suggests, a laboring woman centers herself from all outside distractions. In this case Mama listened to a CD that was quite calming.  A woman’s voice is heard along with some background music.  All very soft and comforting. The voice is telling the Mama that her body is her own. She can trust her body to deliver the baby.  At one point the voice says, “Your body is a challis, ready to pour out the contents.” The challis thing really got me! Never heard of such a thing.

We got the call that Mama was in labor but contractions weren’t very strong. I chose to get up and get dressed anyway. Good thing I did. Less than half an hour later Mama was in full labor so I dashed out the door. From my house it was about a 50 minute drive. I thought since I had already gotten dressed I would be the first one there, I was wrong. I was the last one to arrive so I quickly went upstairs and found everyone in the bathroom.  Mama was in the tub, eyes closed and not making a sound. The only thing we could hear was this tape being played in the background. Wendy was on her knees bent over the tub. I got some of the equipment organized and then just stood listening to the tape. Note to self, don’t listen to the “challis” tape while at a birth. It can relax you right to the point of sleep standing up! 

Within 30 minutes after arriving the baby was delivered without a sound into the bathtub. It was probably the quietest birth I have ever attended. This is one strong Mama. They had no idea if they just had a boy or girl and Mama looked down and said, it’s a boy. Now normally that would be taken at face value for all those present, but not this time. You see, last time Mama thought she also had a boy and made the same mistake I had made at my first birth. You have to look closely and not get fooled by the cord. Well at her first birth she announced a boy and Dad just sobbed with joy since he had really wanted a boy. Imagine his surprise a little later when he did NOT have his boy but a girl?  So, this time when Mama announced a boy Dad was not going to take her word for it again. He actually didn’t see the baby fully till about 30 minutes later since Mama was in the middle of delivering the placenta.

When Dad finally got to hold his son he confirmed that yes indeed, he had his boy! Both sets of parents were downstairs waiting for the signal to come up so when Mama was helped out of the tub she was tucked into bed with baby. I love just stepping back and watching the family welcome a new blessing into their lives. We try and stay in the background as much as we can.

Everything went so quickly and smooth. The bathroom got cleaned up and I took the placenta and examined it. Apparently Mom had not seen her last one so she was curious to see it all. Even the grandparents got in on the examination and I explained all the different things we check for.

I got to do the newborn tests and failed to report a heart murmur. Apparently some babies are born with very benign murmurs that simply disappear in the next several days. When I listened I thought I had heard something so I moved the stethoscope to listen in another spot and then didn’t hear anything. I wrongly assumed I had just imagined it. Thankfully Wendy, my boss listened before we left and heard it. She referred the parents to a doctor to have it checked out. The next day it was barely there and the doctor said all was well.

The lesson I learned is this. I f you ever have any question, don’t assume but ask for help. We usually go out for breakfast after a birth and we talked it through and hopefully I will do better next time.  I also learned that hypnobirthing is one really cool way to cope with the pain. It was a delight to witness. 

Till next time.
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  1. that's wonderful! I noticed that your post on Baby M is missing. I so wanted to read it. I pray that you and your family are doing well. have a blessed evening

  2. Baby M was written and had to be taken down. But I am on to baby N. Thanks for reading Jules

  3. o ic. reading about Baby N was so wonderful! your welcome!