Friday, January 11, 2013

Racing Towards Baby "G"

 I had just hopped out of the shower when the phone call came in.   We had all been waiting for baby "G" for weeks. We had three Mama's due the same week and I was convinced she would be first out of that group. Boy was I wrong!

When we got the call, Mama was having contractions lasting a minute and only 4 minutes a part. It was time to hurry.  I started speeding  down the freeway hoping to get there in time.  A woman can go pretty quickly after the contractions are just a few minutes a part.  I looked down and realized the gas tank was almost empty and I had fifty two miles to travel.  So do I stop and get gas or hope I can make it?  I talked with Courtney, the other assistant to gauge just how far down the road she was.  Traffic was terrible on the freeway.  I just kept picturing the other birth where I was the only one there. Courtney was 5 minutes ahead of me so as soon as she got there she texted me delivery was not imminent so go and get some gas.  I filled up real fast and headed to the house.

A red sign was taped to the door that said, "I am giving birth at home today! Please don't be alarmed if you hear screaming."  Later I laughed and realized that sign had been a good idea.   When I got upstairs I started to get the birth tub opened when Courntey realized the hose would not fit on the sink.  Guess what that meant?  Shlepping warm water in buckets to and from the downstairs kitchen is what it took to fill the birth tub.  Thankfully I did the doula work with Mama while Courtney and Wendy did the shlepping.  There are some disadvantages to not being in my 20's.

Mom did great working with the contractions as they got closer together. When the tub was finally filled enough for her to get in she got such relief, which is a great reason for a water birth. It truly is a natural epidural.  They were coming closer when all of the sudden she went into transition and said, "I just can't do this anymore, the baby is NEVER going to come out".  Of course we all assured her that indeed the baby would come out but she would not believe at that point it was almost over.

Mama's husband was fabulous with her. He did not leave her side. I loved that he was so involved. Their deep affection really shone through through the entire labor and delivery.  I am always impressed when a couple truly loves each other and works together.  Hubby just kept encouraging her, letting her know it was almost over.

The the pushing started.  By every estimate ( I have stopped trying to figure it out since Wendy is always right and I am not) this was a 6 pound baby.  I figured he would be pushed out with just a couple of contractions.  Wrong!  It took an hour and a half of really hard pushing.  So there are a couple of reasons that it might take that long. One, she might not be fully dialted, which was not the case.  Two, we could have another should caught which is called shoulder dystocia, which was not the case.  Or, the third reason is the baby is NOT 6 pounds, which it wasn't.

This little tiny Mama pushed out a whopping 9 pound baby that had a head circumference of 14 7/8 inch head and 22 1/2 inches long! Once the head crowned the baby came out in just a few minutes. The babies head did not do much moulding. When he did come out Mama was in the water up on all fours. As soon as the baby came out Wendy realized the cord was very tight around the neck. I was charting and Courtney jumped out of the way so Wendy had enough room to do what she needed to do. It was so tight she spun the baby around to get the cord off.  In seconds it was off and baby started to scream.

He was put right on Mama's chest and we finally got a look and could not believe how big this baby was. He looked like he was 3 months old.  There was not a wrinkle on his face. He looked like a Gerber baby 5 seconds after he was born.  How is that even possible? He stopped screaming and took both arms and pushed up to see his Mama's face. Tears just started flowing.  It was so precious.

Over and over again I see the miracle of birth.  Each baby is uniquely made.  He KNEW his Mama's voice. He was just so perfect.  His feet remind me of one of our son's feet, so long!  He came out with several chins and lots of fat rolls everywhere. The birth was everything this Mama wanted.  She couldn't believe he was out finally.

The birth was the "easy" part for Mama.  We ended up staying six more hours.  The uterus would not come down and Mama could not go to the bathroom. All reasons for us to stay.  We were treated though to an amazing Grandma who had been cooking all day downstairs. She had a scrumptious apple pie ready in time for the baby to be born.  Somehwere in the long 6 hours afterwards we all finally accepted a piece of her amazing pie.

Finally the uterus started to contract and we finally all got to go home and leave Mama and Daddy and Grandma to love on that precious baby boy.  I left the house that morning before the sun was up and came home late into the evening.  Driving home I just praised the LORD.  He is so good.  I set my cruise control for 70 and just cruised home reliving the day. Thanking him for watching over all of us that day.

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

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  1. wow! what a blessing and privilege to see a life being born. I just love reading your birthing posts of your adventures of a midwife. I have been learning a lot and hope that whenever the Lord grants my hubby and I with a bundle of joy i will be able to have the birth at home. may the Lord continue to bless you!