Monday, January 21, 2013

A Very Unexpected Baby "H"

When I got the call Saturday night it took me a few minutes to realize which baby was coming.  Our team does a home visit around the 36 week mark. The mama should have her birth kit that she orders and shows us around the house so we know our way around. I had only met baby "H"s Mama twice. Once in the office and once at her home visit. She had a due date of February and we still had two more births for January. I was expecting one of the two mamas for January to be in labor not this one.

When I got the call Mama had only been in labor for an hour but when Wendy got there she was fully dialated.  Mom still was not convinced she was in "real" labor. We knew the baby would be fast but I had also learned my lesson with baby "G" not to race, especially in high winds!  I arrived around midnight to find three small children in the living room with two Aunts quietly watching T.V.

I found Mama in the tub with Wendy sitting on the floor taking with her. I quickly got up to speed.  Mama had ordered the birth kit but it had not arrived so nothing was ready. In all the equipment that is brought with us there was not one cord clamp to be found. No heating pad to warm the blankets to put on baby right after the birth, in fact not even a diaper for the little one.

Once I got acclimated I took over helping Mama relax in the tub. She had wanted a water birth and had ordered the kit with the tub liner but both of our birth tubs were at the other two homes waiting for their babies to be born. She she labored about a half hour in the tub quietly.  Finally her water broke which was clear with vernix floating in it.  Vernix is a soft creamy coating that babies have in utero so their skin doesn't dry out in the 9 months they are swimming in all that water.  The earlier the baby (usually) the more vernix they have so when the water breaks there is vernix floating in the water.

It was then I realized this was my first official "early" birth. Within minutes of her water breaking she felt the urge to push.  I supported her perineum floor with gauze so she wouldn't tear.  It beats having an episiotomy. All of the sudden Mama stopped and said "I gotta get out of here, I can't have this baby in the tub. The bed was set up quickly for her to deliver the baby.

The baby's head crowned but then quickly retreated into the birth canal. It was at that point Wendy told me that we could be dealing with another shoulder dystocia. We talked to Mama about the possibility and said we would give the baby one or two more pushes and if the same thing happened again we would need to have her change positions to help the baby out.

In one more push out came the head and then a push later came the rest of baby.  No shoulder dystocia, yeah! I laid the baby right on top of Mama. Sure enough here was a baby covered in wonderful vernix. I have heard of hospitals putting the baby under running water to get rid of it. If you could bottle the vernix up you could make a fortune selling to women who want to get rid of wrinkles!  We love the vernix and definately do not run the baby under water to wash it off.

I had placed the baby a little too high because the cord was stretched so Wendy noticed and had me move baby down a bit to give the cord more room.  It all happened so fast for Mama that it took her a moment to realize she had just given birth. All of the sudden she gets wide-eyed and says, "I just gave birth". I loved the look on her face, it was precious.

About a minute later I asked if they were ready to see if the baby was a girl or boy? Daddy peeked under the towel I had on the baby and sure enough, it was a boy. Mama and Dad were so surprised.  There are almost all girls on both sides of the family. She was certain it would be a girl.  She turned to Daddy and said with those big wide eyes, "We had a boy?"  She peeked down then and sure enough that baby was a boy."

Poor Courtney, my buddy and partner had a flat tire on the way to the birth so she missed the actual birth. Next one is hers to catch. Courtney has reminded me that pizzas are delivered and babies are caught. So I got to "catch" another baby. After Mom and baby had gotten into a clean tub filled with nice warm water and herbs the bed was made with clean sheets ready for both of them to get some much needed rest.

After they were all snuggled in bed we all realized the wind storm had really picked up. This was her second baby to be delivered during a winter storm.  The drive home was really tense. The wind was around 60 miles an hour and the van I drive was being hit back and forth by the wind.  At one point it felt like King Kong had stomped down the freeway and punched my side of the door really hard. It pushed me completely into the right lane which thankfully was empty.Of course, it then started to snow. I prayed all the way home, thankful to be out of the storm and into a nice warm bed. In just a couple of hours it would time to head to church, thankful for the safety of baby "H".

Have I told you lately just how much I love my new ministry? It is amazing to witness the birth of one baby at a time. To witness just how strong birthing Mom's can be.

In Christ Alone,

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

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