Friday, December 28, 2012

Welcome Baby E

Yesterday we spent the day doing prenatals at the office.  We have three women due at the same time. All three of them would really like to deliver and deliver now, thank you very much!  I did get to do my first cervical exam yesterday afternoon.  Very cool, the babies head was so low you could feel it. Isn't that awesome?

I got home last night around 6:30 and was greeted with great smelling chili hubby made.  Now I know he felt all those years when he came home after a very long day and the house smelled delish. The chili was made from the buck he got in November; a nice addition to the chili.  We had a quiet evening.  After the prenatals I was almost positive we would have a birth last night.  I was right, just wrong on which Mama would go first!

The call came at 11 just a little bit after going to bed.  Mama had just started her contractions. This is baby number 2 for her and the other birth went pretty fast. At midnight it was obvious she was really in labor so I headed out.  I might have gotten a half hour of sleep.  Our team arrived and Mama was already in the birth tub.  We have two that we loan out for water births. The family has to pay for the disposable liner and special hose before hand.  Dad had already set it up and filled it for us. I was impressed.

The next three hours were one serious contraction after another.  This Mama is pretty young and has never been to a childbirth education class before.  Yet, she handled her labor with such amazing grace. She kept her eyes closed and very calm.  She focused on her breathing the whole time. Contraction after contraction.

I think I have written before about water births.  I will say it again, water births are amazing. It is truly a natural epidural for Mama's. The warm water helps her relax. It makes it so easy to move around which is great for the baby.  Position is everythinig in birth.  Like deciding on what home to buy a realtor will say, location, location, location.  In birth it is position, position and position!

Mama was in sync with the baby which means she worked with the contractions along with the baby instead of working against the contractions and baby.  Our natural reaction to pain is to tense up which only makes the contractions worse.  In my doula training I was taught how to help with the pain using different techniques. This Mama allowed me to do the hip and head squeeze. I had Baby "C"s Mama sure she would not have survived without those counter pressure measures.

It was time to push and Dad decided to get into the birth pool with Mama.  We really try to empower Mama and Dad to do the birth the way they chose. We try to stay hands off as much as possible. We love for the Mama to actually "catch" her own baby, or Dad if Mom can't.  Our Dad was so nervous about catching the baby that I looked eye ball to eye ball with him and assured him if Mama could handle this birth with so much grace than he can "catch" his own child. I reassured him we were right there if a problem arose. Like a champ he caught the baby and brought her up so the baby could be skin to skin with Mama right away.

Unless there is a breathing problem we can stand back and give the new family time to bond. Another time I will share the "golden hour" with you.  It took over an hour for the placenta to come out so we transferred Mom and Baby to the couch after they were ready to get out of the tub.

The least favorite part of the job for me is all the clean up, especially the birth tub. We do have an electric pump to drain it into the toilet, which makes it easier.  After the placenta was delivered we get the new Mama and baby into their regular tub with an herbal bath.  That gives us a chance to get everything put back in order and start a load of laundry before tucking Mama and baby in bed.  We leave if all the vitals are good right after they are in bed.

By this point it was after 7 in the morning. I was wide awake and hungry and so my partners so we went to a 24 hour restaurant.  The food was yummy and I have started to realize that midwives have weird senses of humor.  We laughed and laughed.  We also spent a few moments thanking God that Baby "E" had arrived and was safe and sound.

God truly is the giver of all good things.  Praise God for a safe birth.  Now, one down and two to go in the next few days.  Hopefully a little sleep in between.

In Christ Alone,

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

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