Tuesday, December 4, 2012


 Yesterday was I day I will probably remember the rest of my life.  I had gone to gym with my workout buddy Rayetta.  The day was supposed to be filled with cooking for a funeral dinner and study.  My how things can change in the blink of an eye.

Normally Rayetta and I don't spend time talking in the parking lot when we are done with our workout. Yesterday was different. Walking to the car I stopped and had such an overwhelming sense the need to pray over my buddy.  In my head I said to myself, she might think I am silly. The feeling just would not go away. It was clear I needed to pray over her. So I put my hand on her shoulder and said can I pray over you.  We prayed and went on our merry way determined to make it a productive day.

Five minutes later on the freeway going 70 miles an hour I spot up ahead something very wrong. Several cars had smashed into each other and one of the cars spun around and a big black lab was thrown from the car. Since I was right behind them in a second I immediately stopped and jumped out of the car.  The car in front of me was totally mangled.  It had been hit in the front and the back. The woman in the car was hysterical, she didn't know where her dog was.  I knew there was no dog in that car.

It was apparent to me that she was going into shock.  I took my coat off and held her close.  The ambulance was on it's way.  We talked, I prayed silently.  The freeway was a mess. The accident covered three of the four lanes of traffic. My new friends car took the brunt of the accident and there were car parts scattered all over the highway.  I held her close till the ambulance arrived and loaded her onto the gurney.  She then took my hand and I promised I would stay with her.  Off to the hospital we went.

When we got to the hospital she kept hold of my hand and off we went to a room. They had put her on a backboard and a collar for preventative sake.  She was so uncomfortable.  She was panicked about the dog, her constant companion for the past 10 years.  I had told her I would stay with her until her daughter arrived.  When daughter came she still clung to my hand. 

Waiting for the doctor I tried to distract her.  Tell me about  your children, how many grandchildren do you have?  Surface talk just to keep her panic down till the doctor arrived.  The daughter went and did paperwork and called relatives while I stayed with her.  She then asked my if I was a Mormon?  I kind of chuckled and said no, I was a born again Christian.  The tears started flowing at this point.  You see my new friend somewhere along the line had lost the way.  Her life started pouring out.   She told me that she had been praying recently that she could find a church home that felt loving and could call home. She asked God to bring her someone to show her.

I smiled and told her I knew just the place if she wanted me to take her.  She allowed me to pray over her. We prayed for healing, we prayed for her dog, we prayed for her children and grandchildren.  Two hours later they allowed her to get off the board and neck brace.  She was able to stand and I gave her a gentle hug good-bye.

When I started to leave I talked privately with the daughter. I told her I had felt funny about staying up next to her after she had gotten there but my new friend would not let go of my hand. Daughter said to me, you obviously were sent here for her. I just could not be like that with her, too much history. She asked me to please take her to church which I promised to do.

If I had not stopped to pray with Rayetta I would have been in front of the accident or perhaps it would have been my car that was totaled.  Either way, God was right there in that accident.  I pray for my new friend, and I would love it if you would pray for her too. 

I am thankful God put me right where I needed to be.  For that I am truly grateful.

In Christ Alone,

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".


  1. That all happened yesterday?!! Bless your heart Jill! I know the comfort you gave that woman. I have seen you in action.
    Yesterday, a similar thing happened to me. I went into a book store and couldn't find the book I wanted, so I asked a clerk to help me. Well, with very little prodding on my part, out pours a story of pregnancy and loss. There were tears. I just held her while she cried. Mylanta! I never did find my book, but I guess I didn't go in there for a book anyways :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your story. I love it when God calls and we listen. What blessings flow!