Monday, December 24, 2012

Baby "D" the Adventure I Will Never Forget

Baby “D” was the wildest wide so far on my journey to midwifery.  I will have to go back and tell you the back story before I tell you about the birth.
When I was first looking for a mentor to train me in midwifery I found the perfect teacher. She would allow me to go at my own pace, which in my case is mach 3! In the interview process she told me about a couple who lived out my way who were due to deliver the middle of December.

A few weeks later I went to the couples house she had told me about for their home visit.  In the practice I work for you make a home visit a month before the baby is due.  We not only do the prenatal but plan the birth while there.  Most women who want a home birth also want a water birth. We provide the birth pool and they order a birth kit that contains a one use liner along with all the necessary supplies for a birth.

Mama wanted her birth to be in the living room with the Christmas tree ablaze and the real fire place crackling in the background.  We try hard to give a birth mom exactly the experience she wants.  Mama had delivered two other babies in the hospital.  She delivered with very little labor and did it quick.  When I walked out of their house at that home visit I thought to myself, “I am going to deliver this baby myself” The thought scared me to death and I scolded myself for being a drama queen!  The thought would not go away.

So for the next 6 weeks I dreamed about this birth. I prayed everyday that if I was to deliver the baby I wanted to be smart and ready. So, every day I worked through the scenario of how to deliver the baby alone.  So Baby “C” was born and I came home and slept a couple of hours. I decided to go to the pool and stretch out my sore muscles. I met my work out buddy and we headed to the locker room. No sooner had I taken off my coat while telling my buddy about the birth the night before that the phone rang. It was my mentor.

I grabbed my coat and ran out.  Baby “D” was on her way.  I was 5 minutes from their house and I flew down the road, practicing in my head.  I got there and jumped out of the car, took a breath and went in.  I went in just like I had pictured in my mind, cool, calm and collected. I saw the grandma in the kitchen as I walked in.  She was calmly washing dishes. Since I had been there before I knew where the bedroom was. When I walked in mama was flat on the bed just moaning. My mentor was on the phone with them and I quickly got an update. She wanted to know if I wanted her to stay on the phone but I said no we should be okay and hung up. Mom was having back pain so I worked on her back for a couple of contractions.  Mama really needed to get off her back and upright so I helped her off the bed and  did the famous hip squeeze while she bent over the bed.  All the while I was having Dad get things ready around the birth pool he had already set up. The birth kit was opened and ready to go.

We both helped Mom into the tub. I looked around and noticed the pool was right where she had wanted it when the birth was planned a month before. The Christmas tree was glowing and the fire was crackling. I said to her, “look honey, you are getting the birth you have dreamed about.  When you have a water birth the sensations are so very different. Using a birth tub is called a Midwifes natural epidural.  The contractions are easier to handle in a pool of warm water.  During the next ten minutes Dad and Grandma collected everything I asked for. Once my sterile gloves were on mama had the urge to push so I reached down and there was baby’s head.  It took several minutes for the head to gradually come all the way out. It felt like everything was going in slow motion. I remembered that baby does not have to breathe right after delivery in water as long as they stay underwater.

In my mind I practiced the NRP I had just finished only a couple of days before in case I needed it. Once the head was out it took only one push to get the entire body out. I picked her up and slowly brought her out of the water and put her right on Mama’s chest.  It was so peaceful.  The baby did not cry at first. In fact her first cry was about 2-3 minutes after being born. I took one warm baby blanket after another and wiped off the baby. Her entire back side was covered in vernex.  I have never seen it so thick before, it was amazing. I wiped her head and face.  She was starting to pink up quickly.  Mama kept saying she couldn’t believe what just happened. 

Once the baby cried we all had tears.  I had my hand on baby and Grandma was beside the pool with Dad so I took the opportunity to pray out loud with the family. Thanking God for a beautiful and healthy baby, for God’s tender mercy to bring a new life into this world and that this precious little baby would grow to be a godly young lady some day.  If the family does not have a relationship with Jesus then I would pray quietly but this family including Grandma loves Jesus.

It was time to take mom and baby out of the tub so we could deliver the placenta. After getting her out mom got lightheaded so we didn’t make it to the bed but rather set her down right next to the tub with some pillows and towels.  My mentor arrived right before getting her out and I asked if I could also deliver the placenta. She told me since I could obviously deliver a baby on my own then delivering a placenta was a piece of cake!  J  There is a right way and a wrong way to deliver the placenta so she walked me through it.  The placenta was delivered about 10 minutes later.  After I clamped the cord Dad cut it and we got Mom and baby up to get them both in bed.

The rest of the family started to come once news spread the baby had arrived. At one point I had the placenta in the pan on the kitchen counter. Apparently one of the Grandpas’ or Uncles’ had passed by the kitchen and seen the contents of the pan.  When I went back in for Mom I was explaining the findings of our check of the placenta.  One of the Aunt’s was totally grossed out and found out mama was going to encapsulate it.  I asked if she would like to see it and I was promptly turned down L  Couldn’t understand why!

Mama had some low blood pressure so we stayed about 3 hours afterwards, keeping her vitals in check along with doing the newborn assessment which she also let me do. Once we were sure they were both doing well we left.  We always go back 24 hours later to do the series of metabolic tests on the baby that are required by law.  We also do another set of vitals and checks for both mama and baby.

The visit the next day went well. We all talked about the birth and especially listened to Mom and her feelings.  She brought up the prayer and thanked me for praying over them. She said that they were both overwhelmed with what just happened that they were shaken back to reality with the prayer. She said it helped them focus on God’s amazing provision. 

None of them knew before that I had never delivered a baby by myself before.  Afterwards Grandma said I could deliver any baby of hers I wanted!  This was God’s amazing plan.  He helped prepare me for this birth. My neonatal resuscitation class had just finished 4 days earlier and God prepared me and for that I am truly grateful.  All praise and honor and glory to the ONE who brings precious lives into this world. May this precious baby girl grow up to be a mighty force for God.

In Christ Alone,

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

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