Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Baby "B" is here

God Smiled Tonight
My day started at o’dark thirty as my husband used to say.  I had to bake a cake for a funeral dinner before picking up Grandson #1 at 7:30.  We went for our allergy shots first and then headed over to H.I.S. ministry.   I had no idea that my head would not hit the pillow till the next morning.
An hour after arriving at the food bank I get the phone call that Mamma “B’ is in early labor. We already had a home visit scheduled for lunch time with Mamma “D”so it was looking like we would have a full day. When we were done with that home visit our laboring mother wanted us to wait till 4pm to come so I headed back to the food bank to grab a few hours of work.  Our plan was to get there at 4 check Mom and then go grab a quick dinner before the evening festivities. Great plan but she was already 7 ½ centimeters so we wouldn’t be going anywhere till after the baby was born.
When I met Mamma “B” a month ago I instantly loved her. She reminded me of my own daughter.  She was pregnant with baby #7 and in the final stretch of her pregnancy.  Watching her with her children greatly blessed me.  She schools them all at home and what a delight they are.  I had no idea they would be attending the birth.
This Mamma likes to labor alone which had me fascinated.  Most moms would rather have help with the pain but not this gal.  She walked back and forth while the “Mister” helped with carrying hot water to the birthing pool. Children would come and go through the house as if nothing was going on in the living room. Mama had never had time before to have a water birth so we were filling it as quickly as possible .  At one point Mama was at the other end of the house looking out a window trying to focus on the contractions.
Finally, the birth pool was ready and in she went.  Laboring and birthing in the water is affectionately called the “midwifes epidural”.  The warm water is so soothing. She was able to relax and let the warm water just wash over her ever contracting belly.
I had seen about 15 water births on video with my training but this would be my first actually water birth so I was so excited.  I had always thought baby could drown but this is not what happens. Going from water to water the baby doesn’t need air till they come up out of the water.
 When it was time for the baby to come out Mama wanted to give the children a chance to come watch. I can tell you that her belly was so large that you couldn’t see beyond the belly and she wore a sports bra. It took  several minutes to push the babies head out. During this time Mama kept praying, “please God help me, over and over again. To me it was painstakingly slow but slow is better so there is no tearing.  The head is still only half out and so she rolls over and gets up on her knees and out the head comes She quickly turned back over and out the baby comes!  A big towel was held out and the Mister holds the baby.  By this time Mama realizes it is over she starts crying  “thank you God, thank you God” By this time Mama has been given the baby still saying over and over thank you God. 
There was such an overwhelming sense of peace in the room. I could feel God’s presence all around us. I put my hand on her and just starting praising Him for a safe delivery, thanking him for all the blessings.  It had been on my mind that I wanted to pray for each baby that came into the world that I got to witness. I knew not everyone would share my faith in the LORD so I would pray silently. This time there was no need to pray silently, this family serves the LORD.
This time I remembered not to pull back the blanket to check if it was a boy or girl. The Mister did and proudly announced it was a girl, a perfect 9 pound 20 inch long. precious baby girl. 
Life, it is a precious gift from the LORD.  A new baby is proof positive that God still reigns.  As we were cleaning everything up after everything was over, I went outside to put some of the equipment back in the car. I stopped and looked up and there above the house was a brilliant cluster of stars right over the house. I could just tell that God was indeed smiling over us tonight.

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".


  1. How awesome. Thank you for posting about this wonderful birth!

  2. What an amazing story. God is good.