Thursday, November 29, 2012

Skin to Skin

Last time I wrote about life being so crazy, we spend little time with the Father.  I told you I would suggest some things to help become closer to God. 

 Let me illustrate with a story. In my experience so far as a student midwife I have seen the baby placed right on the mother's chest as soon as birth.  It is called "skin to skin".  Everything I have read in my textbooks say skin to skin is SO important. 

 Babies know their Mama's before birth. They know their smell, their sound and know their emotions.  Putting a baby skin to skin helps with the bonding process between him and his Mom.  It reassures the baby after birth which can be traumatic for the little one. His blood pressure is lowered as well as his heart rate.
Now that you have pictured that scenario think about our relationship with God.  Like the baby, we need “skin to skin” with our Father.  When he says to be still we should take his advice.  Be still means to stop, stop striving.
We do a lot of striving these days, don’t we?  So how do we stop striving and be still?  Become unplugged in all areas of our lives. Turn off the cell phone, turn off the radio or the i-pod, turn off the T.V. or the computer, turn it all off and then find a quiet place.
Both of my sisters have a special corner in their homes (actually they have more than one) that is dedicated to time spent alone with God. There is a comfy chair or a comfy padded window seat that has Kleenex and a Bible. All is quiet and there is no need for anything else.
Skin to skin with God is what our spirits crave.  Can you picture yourself being still and learning from God in this way? Is it scary? Let’s talk some more.
Till then, In Christ Alone,

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

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