Sunday, November 11, 2012

A New Beginning

I am in total awe today.  I got to spend a good part of the weekend with a first time mom having her baby at home.  For anyone who doesn't believe there is a God, they should witness the miracle of birth.  This is not the first birth I have witnessed but this is the first home birth I have been to.

The labor started slow. Mama's water broke before 5am on Friday.  I was a tad on the anxious side and had a really hard time concentrating on getting anything done while waiting. I did laundry, I cleaned bathrooms and I  even got some good quilting time in waiting for the phone to ring. When it finally did I headed out and spent till 2 in the morning encouraging and waiting at the home. It was decided at that point to just all go home and let Mama sleep.

Day two came and off I went again when the call came in.  This time we would all stay till the baby was born. I have to tell you that a home birth is like nothing I have experienced before. Everything was so calm and quiet.  Well, almost quiet!

Did I tell you about the film crew?  When I first tried to convince Wendy to take me on as her apprentice she talked to me about the film crew working on a documentary about her and her practice. I would have to be alright with being filmed during my orientation and with a Mama who agreed to be filmed during the pregnancy through the birth of the baby.  It just so happened the  crew would be filming my very first home birth.  Thankfully the camera's haven't bothered me. I just pretend they aren't there. Probably has something to do with my age!

Once labor got started in earnest it only took around 7 hours.  For Mama I am sure it was a lifetime. I kept encouraging her when she struggled to detach from the pain that in just a short time that beautiful baby would be in her arms. We all did what we could to help with the pain.  She did spend a fair amount of time in the bath tub which apparently is natures natural epidural.  It was probably only an hour after getting out of the tub that she did indeed deliver that precious baby.

The absolute miracle was about to happen.  I had seen some of my grand babies come into this world so I knew what was about to happen.  Baby comes out sunny side up (posterior) and then the most incredible thing happened.  Just a couple of seconds later the baby slid right out and that baby took a leap jump frogging to her Mama. I have never seen anything like it! That baby knew where she wanted to be. If you had blinked you would have missed it. Baby was skin to skin with her Mommy as she was being suctioned. I had just witnessed the miracle of birth.

The new parents had no clue the sex of the baby and for a few minutes still didn't. When the baby was placed on the momma a blanket was immediately put on, cleaning off the meconium. A few minutes later I realized we still didn't know if it was a boy or a girl so I commented about not knowing and stated to lift the blanket and I was quickly told to hold off, Mama and Daddy got to know first.  Momma was so shocked that she had just delivered a girl! She was pretty sure the baby was a boy and was just tickled she now had a girl.

In the hospital the cord is cut immediately but not so at a home birth. Baby is skin to skin until the placenta is delivered and the cord stops beating, then it is cut. I had never cut the cord before and I learned a valuable lesson last night. I was given the privilege to cut it so I want to start and realized how rubbery it is. After the second attempt I got it cut and just like a little boy being taught to hold his penis down and point,  you always need to point the cord because if not the blood starts squirting out whatever direction  you are holding it!
 Lessons learned!

Suturing is another lesson I learned last night. I also learned there is a huge market for serious deep tissue message for all midwives. I will have to figure that into my cost analysis when starting my own practice! After kneeling over a bed for a good hour and a half holding a flashlight steady inches from the perineum I have concluded that a neck message has to be part of the deal!

There was one man on the production crew and thankfully he was in the dining room recording every thing. I had asked him sometime earlier if he was married or had children. Not only did he not have children but he had never witnessed a birth. Later, after the birth he said he felt like he had just witnessed something holy. He had tears in his eyes during the delivery just listening he told me. In awe was his explanation of the evenings events.

How could anyone not believe in God after witnesses the miracle of birth?  To see God's perfect provision for the baby in the placenta is remarkable. We had to examine the entire thing and I have to say looking closely at how the veins were positioned I was once again reminded  that did not happen by chance.

Finally at 2am I got to hold that precious little one I had witnessed being born. So precious, skin like downy, a perfect little button nose and lots and lots of hair made me realize I am very small in the universe.  Another tiny babe was born centuries ago that came to save us all from our sins. The angels sang that night and I am quite certain the angels sang last night over one precious little girl entering the world.

Thank you Father for new birth.
In Christ Alone,

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".


  1. What an incredible story and experience for you to share Jill. The miracle of birth truely is something amazing to see and be a part of. Congratulations on your first of many experiences helping bring God's children into the world. Hope to see you on TV someday. :)