Friday, November 30, 2012

Do YOU Want to Be Friends?

Several times recently I have received friend requests on facebook that I don't have a clue as to who they are.  "Social medias" as they are called are fascinating to me.  I spent several years saying I would not join facebook.  But then my sister Wendy came to help rescue me from the deep pit I had fallen into.  At the end of her time with me she recommended we sit down together and make a page for me.  I think she figured it would distract me.

Friends are an interesting topic to me.  It has been said that if you have one friend in life than you are blessed. Growing up I was blessed because I had one friend.  Her name was Stacey and she is the one who pointed me in the right direction finding the LORD.  Stacey and I shared our dreams, our disappointments and our fears.  We were " real" with each other. We cried and laughed together. I have always thought of her as my very first "kindred spirit".

When I use the word friend what I really mean is a kindred spirit. In my entire life I have had a handful of kindred spirits and I am truly blessed.  SO, what does that have to do with anything you might be thinking?

The most important friend in the world to have is God. Scripture tells us that God was friends with Abraham. “And scripture was fulfilled that says, Abraham believed God, and it was counted to him as righteousness and he was called a friend of God.” James 2:23
In the big scheme of things which would be better, 1000 friends on facebook or one friend that’s name is God? Something to ponder today.
In Christ Alone,

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Skin to Skin

Last time I wrote about life being so crazy, we spend little time with the Father.  I told you I would suggest some things to help become closer to God. 

 Let me illustrate with a story. In my experience so far as a student midwife I have seen the baby placed right on the mother's chest as soon as birth.  It is called "skin to skin".  Everything I have read in my textbooks say skin to skin is SO important. 

 Babies know their Mama's before birth. They know their smell, their sound and know their emotions.  Putting a baby skin to skin helps with the bonding process between him and his Mom.  It reassures the baby after birth which can be traumatic for the little one. His blood pressure is lowered as well as his heart rate.
Now that you have pictured that scenario think about our relationship with God.  Like the baby, we need “skin to skin” with our Father.  When he says to be still we should take his advice.  Be still means to stop, stop striving.
We do a lot of striving these days, don’t we?  So how do we stop striving and be still?  Become unplugged in all areas of our lives. Turn off the cell phone, turn off the radio or the i-pod, turn off the T.V. or the computer, turn it all off and then find a quiet place.
Both of my sisters have a special corner in their homes (actually they have more than one) that is dedicated to time spent alone with God. There is a comfy chair or a comfy padded window seat that has Kleenex and a Bible. All is quiet and there is no need for anything else.
Skin to skin with God is what our spirits crave.  Can you picture yourself being still and learning from God in this way? Is it scary? Let’s talk some more.
Till then, In Christ Alone,

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Can You Hear HIS Voice?

 There is music blaring in the background. Perhaps it is screaming kids or traffic for miles all honking their horns.  May it is the T.V. that you find blaring.  I will never forget the funny commercial about Calgon bubble bath.  A very harried and distraught Mom is standing in the middle of chaos. The baby is in one arm, the dog is jumping all over her, a toddler is pulling at her for attention and then the phone rings at the same time the door bell rings.  She then looks about and says, "Calgon, take me away." while the picture floating in her head is her sinking down into a tub filled with wonderful bubbles.

Have you ever felt like that?  I bet that most of us would say our lives our filled with more scenes than we can count that look and feel like that poor mother!  The world is filled with people and things that want our attention 24/7.  Never have we been so connected and have so much information at our fingertips.  It makes my head spin when I think about everything that screams at me for attention.

I am certain Jesus felt that way on a certain day when the crowds were demanding all of him.  They wanted to be touched, some wanted healing, some wanted to argue with him and some just wanted their children to sit on his lap. Some were thirsty and others were hungry, so many needs to be met.  When the demands were getting overwhelming Jesus did what we should be doing.  Taking one on one time with his Papa.

Many times in scripture Jesus goes off alone whether it is early morning or late evening and says in essence I need time alone with my Father to recharge my battery so I can hear what He has to say to me.  Because Jesus was fully God and fully man this concept was probably thrust upon him a lot. Remember that before Jesus came down from heaven he was in perfect harmony with the Father.  When he took on human form he was faced with crowds and had to step away from them so that he could hear from his Abba.

If we never take the time to step away and meditate we lose one of the most valuable aspects of our relationship with God.  He has so much to share with us but we can't hear because we don't take the time to listen.

One of my all time favorite scriptures is found in Psalms 46:10  Be still and know that I am GOD .  We will never experience a rich and loving relationship with God until we are still so that we CAN know.  How do we do that?  Stay tuned for some suggestions.

In Christ Alone,

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


 I am so bummed. I had written about H.I.S. ministry for today and it got wiped out. To say I am bummed is an understatement. I will have to rewrite it later this evening when I get home. I am sorry

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

Monday, November 26, 2012


 I know that if I don't write something down I will simply forget, and that drives me crazy!  I hate forgetting things like keys not where they are supposed to be.  I search and search for my glasses before I watch a movie because I simply can't remember where I put them.  In fact, there is a joke in my family.  When we were discussing starting over again having more children our very wise 16 year old daughter said this, "Mother, there is a very good reason why women your age don't have children."  Oh why is that Serenity? "Because they forget where they put them Mother!"  I died laughing at the time but 20 years later, hmm.

Our creator knew we would be forgetful people.  When God wanted His people to remember something he instituted a festival or something to help them.  The Passover is a great example.  The night the Israelites left for the promised land they were told to slaughter a pig and put the blood over the doorways so the angel of death would pass over those who were faithful. From that time on the Passover was given as a remembrance for the people of the mercy of God.

So, with that in mind, what does God want us to remember in the 21st century?  Here is a partial list that comes to my mind.

1.God wants us to remember that we were bought with a price, a very high price  (1 Cor. 6:20)
2.God wants us to remember that at one time we were separated from Christ and had no hope. (Eph 2:12)
3. God wants us to remember that He loves us more than we will ever comprehend.  (John 3:16)
4. God wants us to remember that loving the "least of these" is loving God himself  (Matthew 25:40)
5. God wants us to remember that we should live a life of a servant.  (Romans 12:1)

What things to you think God wants YOU to remember? I would love to hear.

In Christ Alone,

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

Sunday, November 25, 2012

A New Season

 I woke to the beautiful first real snow of the season.  It is stunningly beautiful. God does such amazing things and for that I am very grateful.
Did you know that each snowflake is a one of a kind?  Got created each individual flake to be unique. In the same vein God created you and I so different and yes, very unique.  Even identical twins are not exactly the same. 

Over the years I have learned that being unique is a blessing and not a curse.  When you are young you want to be like everyone else.  Especially as a teen you want to dress like everyone else, listen to the same music etc.  As a new Mom I remember being critical of other Mom's who were "different" than I was. 

Why does everyone have to be just like everyone else?  We don't because we have a heavenly Father who made us unique, just like the snowflake.  There is great freedom in Christ.  Sure, there are core values that as followers of Christ we follow but it is apparent that God appreciates uniqueness.

A new season begins today with the snow that has fallen.  The whiteness of the snow reminds me of new beginnings.  For this moment the snow covered lawns are fresh and white.  Each day is brand new for you and I.   We can vow today to be better than we were yesterday.  Better at sharing, better at giving and better at being a faithful follower of Christ.

Join me, wont you?

In Christ Alone,

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Jesus' Hands and Feet

Jesus' Hands and Feet

Good morning to each of you. Last year our congregation presented it's members with business side cards that had in big letters RAOK.

We nicknamed them rock cards. ROAK stands for random acts of kindness.
We were asked to go into our communities and help perfect strangers and hand them the card and walk away. That card made me think. We are supposed to be Jesus' hands and feet. We all know that but how do we put that in practice?

Let me tell you how I put it into practice. I go through the drive thru at McD's when I am alone. I will order something on the dollar menu and a free cup of water. I ask God to help me be wise with the money he entrusts with us. There are times when I feel led to tell people that God loves them. So, when I get up to the money window and pay my bill I ask how much the person behind me owes and then I pay it. When I get up to the next window to pick up my food I tell the person I have paid for the person behind me. I ask them to tell the person that I don't know them but I know that God truly loves them and to have a good day.

I have heard of people paying groceries for the person behind them. I know that seems extreme but that is just one example. People are hurting both economically and spiritually. There are as many ways as there are people. One time when I was with several ladies for breakfast I was the last to place my order with the waiter. I shared that we would be praying over our meal in a few minutes and wondered if there was anything we could pray for him about. Much to my surprise he bent down, shared his story and bowed his head. I thought he would give his prayer request and move on but he was ready to be prayed over so that is just what we did. It has been over 5 years and still pray for him when he comes to mind.
If we want to think on things above then perhaps we can see what is in front of us as a huge opportunity to be Jesus' hands and feet. There are lots of ways to do this. My examples are just a few. I bet if you looked you could also find ways to serve people with kindness.  Keep your ears and eyes wide open. You will be glad you did.
In Christ Alone

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gratituesday A Huge Blessing

Let me introduce you to my baby, Michael.  He is the one who is tall ( 6 feet 3 inches tall) dark and very handsome. He is also the one with the ball.  Michael has loved a ball, any kind of ball since he was a baby. We were astonished that under 2 years of age that boy could throw a ball exactly where he wanted it to land. It didn't matter if it was a football, a softball, basketball or nerf ball, he could throw.

Michael is our last boy to leave the nest.  Two years ago we put him in a wonderful Christian high school so that he could play ball.  We made an agreement that he had to carry at least a 3.0 at all times and he could play any sport he wanted.This year so far he has straight A's.

He is a real leader in the school.  Most people call him Big Mike at school.  He is not only a leader but a mentor for the younger boys.  Everyone loves him, none more than his parents.  It has been a pleasure to raise this man cub of mine.  God has blessed our family because of him.  I can't imagine life without him.

Today Michael started his last basketball season since he is a senior.  I have tried to impress upon him that his senior year is the most special.  I want him to grasp the significance of this last year.  Embrace every experience of childhood till the very end.

I am also trying to embrace this senior year of his.  This season of my life is almost over.  I know all too well that the school year will end in the blink of an eye.  I know I will sit in those stands at every game and cheer him on knowing this is the last year I get to do this.

My heart is full of thanksgiving. I love this boy of mine that God gave me for just a little while. I will never forget the day he was placed in our arms as a gift from the LORD.  His Dad and I are so proud of the young man he has become.  Michael loves the LORD and has a heart of service. He can also play ball really well!

Thank you Father for all the years you have given us with Michael. For that, I am truly grateful.

In Christ Alone,

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A New Beginning

I am in total awe today.  I got to spend a good part of the weekend with a first time mom having her baby at home.  For anyone who doesn't believe there is a God, they should witness the miracle of birth.  This is not the first birth I have witnessed but this is the first home birth I have been to.

The labor started slow. Mama's water broke before 5am on Friday.  I was a tad on the anxious side and had a really hard time concentrating on getting anything done while waiting. I did laundry, I cleaned bathrooms and I  even got some good quilting time in waiting for the phone to ring. When it finally did I headed out and spent till 2 in the morning encouraging and waiting at the home. It was decided at that point to just all go home and let Mama sleep.

Day two came and off I went again when the call came in.  This time we would all stay till the baby was born. I have to tell you that a home birth is like nothing I have experienced before. Everything was so calm and quiet.  Well, almost quiet!

Did I tell you about the film crew?  When I first tried to convince Wendy to take me on as her apprentice she talked to me about the film crew working on a documentary about her and her practice. I would have to be alright with being filmed during my orientation and with a Mama who agreed to be filmed during the pregnancy through the birth of the baby.  It just so happened the  crew would be filming my very first home birth.  Thankfully the camera's haven't bothered me. I just pretend they aren't there. Probably has something to do with my age!

Once labor got started in earnest it only took around 7 hours.  For Mama I am sure it was a lifetime. I kept encouraging her when she struggled to detach from the pain that in just a short time that beautiful baby would be in her arms. We all did what we could to help with the pain.  She did spend a fair amount of time in the bath tub which apparently is natures natural epidural.  It was probably only an hour after getting out of the tub that she did indeed deliver that precious baby.

The absolute miracle was about to happen.  I had seen some of my grand babies come into this world so I knew what was about to happen.  Baby comes out sunny side up (posterior) and then the most incredible thing happened.  Just a couple of seconds later the baby slid right out and that baby took a leap jump frogging to her Mama. I have never seen anything like it! That baby knew where she wanted to be. If you had blinked you would have missed it. Baby was skin to skin with her Mommy as she was being suctioned. I had just witnessed the miracle of birth.

The new parents had no clue the sex of the baby and for a few minutes still didn't. When the baby was placed on the momma a blanket was immediately put on, cleaning off the meconium. A few minutes later I realized we still didn't know if it was a boy or a girl so I commented about not knowing and stated to lift the blanket and I was quickly told to hold off, Mama and Daddy got to know first.  Momma was so shocked that she had just delivered a girl! She was pretty sure the baby was a boy and was just tickled she now had a girl.

In the hospital the cord is cut immediately but not so at a home birth. Baby is skin to skin until the placenta is delivered and the cord stops beating, then it is cut. I had never cut the cord before and I learned a valuable lesson last night. I was given the privilege to cut it so I want to start and realized how rubbery it is. After the second attempt I got it cut and just like a little boy being taught to hold his penis down and point,  you always need to point the cord because if not the blood starts squirting out whatever direction  you are holding it!
 Lessons learned!

Suturing is another lesson I learned last night. I also learned there is a huge market for serious deep tissue message for all midwives. I will have to figure that into my cost analysis when starting my own practice! After kneeling over a bed for a good hour and a half holding a flashlight steady inches from the perineum I have concluded that a neck message has to be part of the deal!

There was one man on the production crew and thankfully he was in the dining room recording every thing. I had asked him sometime earlier if he was married or had children. Not only did he not have children but he had never witnessed a birth. Later, after the birth he said he felt like he had just witnessed something holy. He had tears in his eyes during the delivery just listening he told me. In awe was his explanation of the evenings events.

How could anyone not believe in God after witnesses the miracle of birth?  To see God's perfect provision for the baby in the placenta is remarkable. We had to examine the entire thing and I have to say looking closely at how the veins were positioned I was once again reminded  that did not happen by chance.

Finally at 2am I got to hold that precious little one I had witnessed being born. So precious, skin like downy, a perfect little button nose and lots and lots of hair made me realize I am very small in the universe.  Another tiny babe was born centuries ago that came to save us all from our sins. The angels sang that night and I am quite certain the angels sang last night over one precious little girl entering the world.

Thank you Father for new birth.
In Christ Alone,

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gratituesday Election Day

Lord willing, today is the final day of the election.  For that, I am truly grateful. This cycle has been both enlightening and disappointing all at the same time.  I grieve for a nation that has lost it's foundation.  When human life is overlooked. As a nation, are we really okay with supporting those who kill pre-born children and don't blink an eye?  Are we really okay with our tax dollars paying for the murder of the next generation?  How about this, are we comfortable with any group willing to redefine marriage?  Is it really okay to allow women to marry women, or men to men? To be honest it sickens me to think some Christians are willing to sacrifice God's core values for any reason.

Maybe it is time for God's people to do a little soul searching.  We are called to be salt and light.  How is that working for us?  Someday and I hope it is soon, perhaps all of God's people will go back and evaluate where we stand in the battle for the soul of a  nation.  For that, I would be truly grateful.

Come LORD Jesus.

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".