Monday, October 29, 2012

Till the Storm Passes By

 I was in the path of the storm coming our way and I was just hanging on for dear life. The waves were crashing over me and it was hard to keep my head above the storm.  Morning comes and I realize it is just a dream.  I turn on the news and there is the storm, bearing down on the East coast.  Reporter after reporter has pictures of what is coming.  I can't remember the last time the stock market didn't even open besides 9/11.  The shelves are empty, houses are boarded up and people are fleeing.  Here comes Hurricane Sandy.

All of this reminds me of a song that we used to sing called Till the Storm Passes By. Each of us has storms in our lives that perhaps no one else even knows about.  There are times when we feel like the waves that are pounding over our heads will just swallow us up.  I have been thinking about those storms lately.  The single mom that struggles to provide for her children.  The wife that suffers in silence because her husband is addicted to porn and she feel all alone.  The mom that has to wake up every morning to a child that has a significant mental illness and just doesn't know how to cope. Or what about the daughter who faithfully serves her own mama quietly as she slowly slips away.  These are the storms that will never blare over the television.   

How to cope with these storms when we feel like we are drowning?  The answer is found in the quiet voice of a Savior whispering to us. Sometimes the voices are so loud we can't hear a word that is whispered.  That whisper though is where the answers are found.  God's power is found in the storm both in the roar of the waves and the still small voice in the heart. 

We are so focused on the roar of the waves that we can't stop and hear the voice of the One who can calm the storm.  Our Savior is aware of the coming storm in our lives.  He wants us to focus on His voice and not the waves.  What is your storm? I might not know what it is but God does.  Can you hear him precious one? Cling to him and his promises till the storm passes by.

Prayers today for all who are going through the storms of life.

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

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  1. Jill ; just read your post today (10/30/12). How Providential. God is good...all the time, and "on time". I just did a count on funerals attended this year....11....of which I preached 6. The storm of "fatalism", despondence, and discouragement overwhelmed me....then, I read this post. God forgive me, I've been listening to the "roar" of the storm of death ; and forgetting about the "author of Life". My name may not have been in your prayer...but God knew I was one who needed it. Thank you. I now prepare to "ride the wave" of this storm, listening for the "still small voice" of my Only Hope...GOD. He WILL keep my heart throughout the "storm". AMEN. JD