Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Meet My Precious Sister Robin

Good morning everyone. I am SO excited to share with you some thoughts from my sister Robin. She holds a very special place in my heart. Together we have gone through fire.  She was that precious little baby in the crib the night our house burnt down.  Today, 50 years later she is a strong woman of great courage.  She truly adores the LORD.  Robin has a deep and abiding relationship with our Savior. 

She sends me encouraging words and scriptures and one day not long ago she sent me some thoughts about soaking.  I asked if she minded expanding it and sharing this with all my readers.  Below is her thoughts. So sit back and grab a cup of tea and read with me.

Some friends and I had a great discussion about prayer the other night.  Two of them had recently attended a Christina Yoga weekend where they learned about and experienced "soaking" in God.  Not familiar with that terminology, I asked for details.  The exercise started by having them lie comfortably on the floor and closing their eyes.  Then they were led in deep breathing relaxation exercises while listening to soothing music, relaxing and affirming words, and encouraging scripture.  The experience left them both energized, invigorated, and with an overwhelming sense of awe, peace, and refreshment. At the conclusion of their exercise everyone joined in spontaneous and sincere praise. 

Since our conversation, I've been chewing on the concept of "soaking" in God.  Long, uninterrupted quality communion with God is the equivalent of enjoying a gourmet meal.  I call it "gourmet prayer time".  Life is busy and honestly, sometimes my prayer diet isn't very balanced.  Some days all I get is fast food prayer. It's short and to the point yet satisfies the immediate hunger pains.  Normal everyday time with the Lord is like a good home cooked meal:  nothing too fancy but warms you from the inside out.  But every once in a while I take the opportunity to enjoy real gourmet prayer time.  Knowing a gourmet meal is in my immediate future, I save up all day because I know I'm going to eat something so delicious it's worth taking time to linger over each and every morsel until I'm so stuffed, I am full to overflowing. 

Yet too much of any one thing leaves us out of balance and we start to crave what our bodies are lacking.  Its human nature to crave what we're missing or don't have, right?  Take rain for example.  Some parts the country are so tired of rain their eyeballs are swimming.  I live in the desert and one of my favorite things about living in Phoenix is occasional yet much appreciated rain. It's not just the moisture we crave, but the fresh and rich aroma of the desert the rain releases.  It is hands down better than any perfume ever made. One could conceivably hyperventilate while trying to soak it in! I know, I've tried. In the same way, how sweet it is when we soak in God.  Our prayers are a fragrant and a sweet aroma to his nose.  Can't you just see him with a smile on his face, eyes closed, welcoming the scent as he waves it closer? When God spoke to Hosea he made it clear that he's after a love that lasts, not mere religion. He wants us to know him, not just mindlessly go through the motions or attend more prayer meetings. It takes time to really know someone.  When we take time to really breathe him in, soak in him, "He comes as rain comes, as spring rain refreshing the ground. ".   I don't know about you, but I'm craving awe, peace and an attitude of praise.  Soak + Breathe = Refreshment. 

I really hope the weatherman is right and it rains today.


Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

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  1. Robin, thank you for sharing. I enjoyed reading your thoughts. I love the line about God wanting a love that lasts, not mere religion. Jerry and I have been talking about the idea for a while now. Rules that everyone seem to try and press on people are keeping those people from having a relationship with their heavenly Father. I saw a book advertised in a C of C newpaper recently and the book title was about why so many are leaving the church. We think it's because the 'rules' have become more important than the 'relationship'. You need both, but you have to have a balance. Jill, thanks for sharing Robin's thoughts. Love this blog:)