Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Simple Clothing

Good morning ladies. In our adventure we come to clothing which can be a hot topic in any circle. If you talk to someone who is Amish or old order Mennonite you would learn their thinking behind what they wear.

The group I visited is really a melting pot of several different traditions. There are Amish, old order Amish, old order Mennonite and German Baptist along with a smattering of different evangelical Christians. Along with them they brought their own traditions and beliefs. They agree to disagree on some issues and they all agree to dress the same way.

In this group all the women wear a button down to the waist dress that has long sleeves and a half collar. The dresses go down almost to the floor. On top of the dress they wear an apron of the same color that covers from under the neck and is fitted at the waist with gathers into a very full skirt. It is only a couple of inches shorter in length from the dress. They wear the apron over the dress all the time. None of the dresses have collars. They avoid any "bright" colors like pink, red and purple.

The men wear what is called broad falls and a button down shirt without the collar. Broad falls are pants without a zipper. They have extra material in the front of the pants and they are folded over with buttons on the side. They usually wear dark blue or grey pants. No one wears a standard collar.

The little girls wear dresses very similar to the women and the little boys wear broad falls like their daddy's. They all wear dark socks during the winter with dark shoes and in the summer they almost all go barefoot. In fact, when I visited the school several children were barefooted.

The material they chose is plain. There are no flowers or checks or polka dots on their dresses. Their reasoning is the same as with just about everything. They chose a life totally devoted to the LORD. They look at "fancy" things as a distraction and an opportunity to become vain about their looks. They look at their clothes as a necessity for modesty and not for a fashion statement .

Lastly, all the women and little girls cover their heads. Each group has a different covering that they wear. They are all the same. In this group their covering is a simple white cloth material that covers the hair and the ears. The women don't cut their hair so it's quite long. They put it in a bun before they put on their covering in the morning.

Our second host family had several school age girls. I noticed that all the girls had their hair up in braids and then twisted into a bun before putting on their coverings. I asked one of the girls if she took her hair down each night and she told me that no but on Saturday mornings they each take down the braids, wash their hair and then let it hang free with no covering till Sunday morning.

Tomorrow I am going to try and explain the philosophy behind their lifestyle.
Till then may God richly bless you.
In Christ Alone,

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

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  1. Aunt Jill, I absolutely love reading about your experiences in the community! Keep the stories coming! - love, Sarah