Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gratituesday October 18th

I have been thinking about the idea behind Gratituesday. Simply put, a day set aside to give thanks to the Father for all of our blessings.

What about the days, weeks or perhaps months that make it very difficult to practice being thankful? My head knows many things to be thankful for but sometimes my heart is slow to respond.

When I find myself not being content right where I am I fail to recognize the joy I am missing. Without the joy it is very tough to be thankful for all that has been given. The last few weeks I have grown weary of the season I am in. I want to see the sun when I look out the window during the day and I can't. I want to have a kitchen again where I can cook whatever I want. I want, I want and I want. Hard to be content with the situation I am in according to scripture. Yet, Paul challenges us to be content and to be grateful.

So let's rewind the tape and start fresh. Here are some of the things I am grateful in spite of the situation I find myself in.

15. The smell of burning leaves
16. Seeing lawn after lawn carpeted with brightly colored leaves
17. Michigan honey crisp apples, yummo, my new favorite
18. A place where I can come and share what God is teaching me

I am not going to give up. Each Tuesday whether I feel like it or not I am going to be thankful. Eventually my heart will catch up with my head. Won't you join me? What are you thankful for? I would love to know.

In Christ Alone,

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".


  1. Stopping in from Laura's to wish you many blessings today. I believe it's in remembering the simple things, the small things, the often missed things that we find our contentment. Of course, big things matter, too. But keeping our focus on gratitude to God for His abundant blessings is a great joy. Blessings, ~Lisa

  2. Oh yes, I have felt a little this way today. I'm now counting my blessings! :)

  3. I am so thankful for a blessed new friend! A friend that encourages me to love the Lord more and more...to hunger and thirst for righteousness! A friend that is pure love! A friend that has seen sorrow and suffering and can PROCLAIM OUR GOD IS FAITHFUL! I am so thankful for a friend that reminds me to be thankful in all things for such is the will of God! I am so thankful that the Lord cares so deeply for me that He sends me a friend that I can love and care for and that I can lift up before Him for His blessings to flow through! Happy Gratituesday You are loved, you are prayed for, and you are a FRIEND!

  4. I am blessed beyond measure, thank you so much