Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Dream

Have you ever been terrorized by a dream? I have had a few nightmares in my time but nothing compared to our beloved King "Neb". Now frankly his dream doesn't seem all that scary to me. Certainly nothing to write home about or cut into pieces all the officials in the land but whom am I to judge? lol

Poor King "Neb" has traumatized by the dream he has. He calls all of his officials together and not only wants to know what it means but what the dream was. I can only imagine the officials scratching their collective heads. Who in the world can tell someone what dream they just had? I can barely remember the details of any dream I have an hour later! Our King was not to be deterred. Terror swept through the land as all the "important" people are trying to keep their heads on top of their shoulders.

If there ever was a time where someone was put somewhere for a reason it had to be now. Daniel was born for such a time just like Queen Esther was. It is obvious that God blessed Daniel and his three friends. Daniel calls for Arioch to send him to the King.

Like all wise men and women do before jumping into the fray he stops along with his buddies and prays to God. Their very lives are on the line. If Daniel gets it all wrong they will all be minus a head and any other body parts still attached. Nothing like a little pressure! They seek the LORD's face before going before the King.

How many of us face things each and every day that should have been bathed in prayer first? Ouch, sometimes I let events of the day just push me forward without thinking about how prayer would be the best way to start. There are lives that need to be brought before the Father every day yet we press on without a thought of stopping and praying.

Thank you Daniel for your example. Do you have someone in your life that needs bathed in prayer? Something to think about.
Tomorrow I will tell you all about this frightful dream, come prepared!

In Christ Alone,

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

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