Friday, October 14, 2011

The Banquet Table

Several years ago one of my sisters turned 50. Her hubby wanted it to be a special birthday so he went all out that year. Actually if memory serves me well, that particular sweet sister told her hubby some months before the fateful birthday that she was either going to have a mid-life crisis on her birthday or she was going to celebrate big. Hubby must have been worried because his gift to her that year was to send his wife and her two sisters on a Woman of Faith cruise. Since I happen to be one of those sisters I got to fulfill a dream of sailing on a cruise ship.

The anticipation was mounting as the time grew nearer. I remember buying my very first pair of capris at Christopher Banks. The lady had to convince me that capris were really in style and looked good on me. I am a 50's baby so we had peddle pushers and I promised myself I would never wear those again! Anyway, on the big day we arrived early and walked up this huge ramp to get on the boat. I had always heard the food was to die for. I could not wait to sample this huge banquet table. It was similar to our Thanksgiving meal but on steroids! Every meal was beyond extravagant. Talk about over indulging!

That is what Daniel and his three buddies were faced with. Day in and day out they would be eating from the King's table. Now Daniel knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the banquet table was filled with foods he was not allowed to touch. God had laid out, for good reason I might add, what they could and could not eat. He wanted his people to be healthy and eating from the banquet table day in and day out is definitely not healthy.

Daniel drew a line in the sand and said no thank you. What is interesting is he and his friends are captives. He had the courage to stand up though and reason with Arioch the king's captain. He wasn't rude (a lesson for you and I) but he was not going to eat from the King's table, period. God is so faithful when we take a stand. Daniel asked for a testing time so Arioch could see they would be healthy even without eating from the King's table. God blessed them and they looked healthier after ten days so Arioch allowed the four of them to eat what God had chosen for them.

As a side note the original language has the words food from seeds sown which means they had fruits and vegetables along with grain, not vegetables alone. What a contrast in what they consumed. Everyone else is eating a huge feast day in and day out but not Daniel and his three friends. As the others grew fat and sluggish he and his friends grew lean and strong.

Oh how tempting it is to eat from the King's table. It all looks so good, doesn't it. What a great metaphor for our lives living in the 21st century. The table is spread like a feast. Will we be strong enough to not eat from the kings table? Or will we make the hard choices and eat what's good for us? Will you and I have the courage to make the right choice? Something to think about today.

In Christ Alone,

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

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