Friday, August 12, 2011

I Believe!

I love reading a great book. While I was driving home recently I was listening to the Christian radio station K-Love. The host was talking about this book. I had not heard of it and her description of what she was reading was fascinating.

I have to tell you though I am a true skeptic when it comes to claims of faith healing, people's experiences in near death etc. I read the book "90 Minutes in Heaven" and was still not convinced. I tell you that so you know where I am coming from.

This story is fascinating. Enter the Todd Burpo and his wife and children. The year that their son Colton who is 4 has a ruptured appendicts sounds like one of last couple of years. Todd had become sick and ended up with surgery with little health insurance. Their savings were wiped out. Sounds familiar to me! Colton almost dies in surgery but never once did the doctors call him dead.

Colton starts telling his Mom and Dad things months later about what was going on during the surgery and after. The most chilling to me was when Colton told his dad that he had met his sister in heaven. Todd had no idea he was talking about the baby girl that Colton's mom had lost several years before. There was never any mention of it in the family. They had never named their little girl since she died before they knew if she was a boy or girl. No one had known that but Todd and his wife. How could he have known?

The book covers so many things that you have to ask yourself, how could he have known had he not been in the presence of the LORD. My faith was truly strengthened reading this book. Our daughter Celeste died at birth. We have always known that she is safe in the arms of Jesus. I have always wondered if she would recognize me and the answer is now absolutely yes. Our son David died when he was only 13 months old. He will be there waiting for his Mama and Daddy when the LORD ushers us in.

Do you need a faith lift? Not a face lift, my goodness but a real faith lift? Grab the book from someone and read. Better yet, purchase it, its less than 10$, read it and then pass it on to someone who could use a faith lift. You will be blessed! And that is a promise you can to take to the bank, oops I mean that is a promise you can take to heaven.

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".


  1. we listened to the audiobook version of this and really enjoyed it. my husband really got into it having just lost his dad. the only question he raises is that the Bible says that no one has seen the face of God. Little Colton describes God. It sounds so real, but a little confusion on a few points to us, but it did make Jerry feel better after his dad died. I don't know why Jerry would worry at all. His dad was a great man and worked a 40 hour week and then worked on the weekends preaching and teaching and later was an elder...a true servant who is still touching lives after his death:) I'm glad it made you feel better too.

  2. Our family listened to a recording on Focus on the Family. Our children just loved hearing this story and were made so much more aware of a real heaven! I know that they believe but what an incredible story for them to be ministered by! I loved hearing it as well, and if this isn't totally correct, we are able to enjoy it anyways based on the Bible and the total truth it is :) Thank you for sharing....and God bless your little ones in Heaven, what a joy you will receive and what a hope we have! Dear Mommy that has suffered so greatly, Praise God that you worship HIM! He is so faithful and your testimony is an inspiration to and hugs!