Saturday, August 20, 2011

Christian or Pagan?

About a year ago the LORD kept impressing me to look at the Israelites. Over and over again this still small voice said look at the Israelites. I read scripture multiple times, I meditated alot on the history of Abraham and the nations that came from him.

What stood out for me was their desire to straddle the fence. They wanted God but they wanted Him on their terms, not His. They were comfortable offering sacrifices but also did not hesitate to give to the little "gods" in their lives. When things went well they forgot all about their Redeemer. When things got tough they went running back to God and begging to be in His presence again. Over and over the story is the same. If you boil all of their history down to one sentence is this. The Israelites wanted God only when it suited their purposes.

Very few were totally devoted to God. Very few were completely 100% servants of the LORD. The grass was usually greener on the other side. They wanted their cake and to eat it too. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

As a body of believers I think we have become totally comfortable in a pagan world. We eat like they do, our eyes are exposed to whatever the culture puts out, we listen to things that ought not to touch our ears just like they do. We talk just like the pagans do. We dress like the pagans do and worry just like the pagans do. They ONLY difference is we go to church on Sunday like that is supposed to insulate us from the judgement of God.

I know precious reader what you are thinking, wow, Jill just doesn't understand grace. She is WAY too harsh on us. I get it, I truly do and I have to say that those statements are from the great deceiver and not from our Father in Heaven. You see, grace is a gift from God for those who love and follow Him. Not on our schedule but His. He wants all of us, every aspect of our lives is supposed to be under the authority of the Master. He doesn't want just 1/7th of us. Not just Sundays but 24/7 three hundred and sixty five days of the year.

If we want to truly give our lives to the LORD and take up our cross and follow Him then we need to take up our cross. Not the cute little itty bitty crosses we like to wear around our necks, although there is nothing wrong with wearing them but God calls us to take up our cross and follow Him.

This whole train of thought has so convicted me over the past year. I have started looking at how I spend my time, how I spend God's money, what I look at and what I listen to. God wants us to be clay in His hands. He wants to mold and shape us which means we have to allow Him to work in our lives. Truly a teachable spirit is what is needed.

So here is the really tough question I have had to ask myself this past year. Am I living a pagan life with a "little" of God sprinkled in? Or am I a true follower of God turning my back on the world and just focusing on Jesus? Please don't gloss over this question. When I realized there were areas of my life that I had not handed over and surrender I had to make some really important decisions. Think and pray about it. Till tomorrow.

Teach me your way, O Lord, and lead me on a level path because of my enemies.

Psalms 27:11 (ESV)

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".


  1. This is what I read from Spurgeon today...Separated from the world, and denying ourselves all ungodliness and fleshly lusts, we are nevertheless not in prison, nor restricted within narrow bounds; nay, we walk at liberty, because we keep His precepts.

    His ways are so good...They are for our protection and happiness. I just wish more Christians believed this...

    Great post!

  2. Well, Spurgeon is correct. Thank you for the quote Lori. His ways are good.

  3. Thank you Jill, for the exhortation to be striving for living righteously! I love the examination that we all need to do on a continued basis...being transformed by the renewing of your mind...a continuous process of renewing, always watching and keeping guard. Not something for us to take lightly! I often think of the wasted time and space that when we allow ourselves to be immersed in the world. I don't want to waste time, or space! I want the Lord to be filling me, by being filled with the Holy Spirit..being filled a renewing process. God bless you dear One! I look so forward to reading your blog! I find it a treasure to me!!!!! Thank you for that!