Sunday, July 10, 2011

Choose Life

Good morning ladies. This picture is from an ultrasound taken of a precious little baby. I was reminded the other day that we are still in a fight for this little one. I was happily driving down the road to our local farmer's market. I was chatting on the phone and caught out of the corner of my eye people walking in a circle holding signs. My brain started whirling around and I told my phone buddy what I had seen and turned around and went back.

I parked in the lot about 25 yards away since there was a big tall guy "guarding" the group. I don't look to scary :) and I walked up with a smile on my face. I put my hand out and introduced myself as a Christian who felt very strongly about the sacredness of life. I told him we had adopted 5 boys so we were willing to put our money where our mouths were. Later I realized I had miscounted, we had adopted 6 boys, oops, sorry guys! Anyway, I asked if I could join the group and hold a sign. He was happy to let me join in. I grabbed a large placard that said, "Adoption, not abortion" I figured I could rightfully carry such a sign.

There were two Catholic priests in full garb and about 20 others walking slowly in a big oval praying over and over. I'm not Catholic but I recognized the scripture they were praying. Round and round we went praying for the lives that were being taken in the abortion clinic behind us. The grass under neath us flattened out the more we walked in that oval. It got me to thinking about leaving a mark. Like the grass that will stay flattened after we left, our lives leave a mark too.

I was truly humbled as I continued to walk that oval. Ashamed that I had forgotten that the battle is still being waged for the lives of innocent babies. I realized that I had become so single focused on my life that I failed to remember that abortion is still a battle in our country. God has humbled me and accepted my repentant heart. The group will be back in a couple Saturday's from now and I will be back, praying for those babies lives being taken away and for Mama's who feel they have no other choice. Please pray for those families who are affected by abortion, won't you please?

In Christ Alone,

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up".

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  1. Yes! We must continue to fight for the little ones who don't have a voice in this world! How blessed you are that you have been able to adopt.