Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Good morning precious sister. Today is Tuesday and you know what that means, Gratituesday time! We set one day aside each week to stop and count our blessings. It is just too easy to overlook the blessings all around us when we are flying at mach 3! Things get a little blurry if you know what I mean.

Today I am so thankful that winter is almost over. I say almost because I live in Michigan and apparently over is not really over till later than I want! It has been the longest winter of my life. Living in a basement with no real outside light source has been more of a challenge than I had anticipated. More importantly the long winter made my husband’s illness that much worse. Did I mention it has been a really LONG winter?

However, spring is just around the corner for us. Snow is still in the forecast sometime next week but I think we are definitely on the downhill slide of old man winter. We have had a little warmth creep in and a little (and I mean little) sunshine poke through the grey clouds recently. I have even started my tomatoes and green beans inside so I know spring will be upon us real soon.

Father, thank you that winter only lasts so long before the flowers start to poke their heads out of the cold soil. Thank you that we can have a change of seasons. May our lives reflect those seasons of change.

Now go and have a thankful day!

In Christ Alone,


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  1. I love the change of seasons. But especially I love Spring. The newness that comes along with it. Flowers poking up through the ground, everything starting to wake up again after the long winter.