Friday, March 11, 2011

Some final thoughts on the Old Testament

Today is Friday. God is “I Am, THE one and only, The Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. Well, I have just finished reading the Old Testament. J There were some days when the stories were riveting, some when it was touching and sometimes it was just plain scary. There were times when all the violence was very graphic and it made me cringe.

What came out loud and clear though was God’s character. I see a Father who desperately wants time spent with his children. He loves His people and just wants them to find blessings and rest in Him. Over and over again we see God’s people take their eyes of him and become absorbed in the world. In the O.T. we see the Israelites crave what was not theirs. They wanted to blend in with the crowd. They wanted all those cute little “gods” like everyone else had. Over and over the people rejected God, and over and over again God allowed them to suffer the natural consequences of their choices and then drew them back to Him when they cried out for deliverance. Over and over again God was faithful and over and over again he allowed the people to go astray. What heartbreak. When one of my children go astray it breaks my heart. Can you imagine being God and having an entire nation that you had handpicked turn their back on you? Through it all God loved his people.

Something that struck me on more than one occasion was the Master’s use of weather. For some reason I haven’t given much thought to how God not only created the earth but does what He wishes with the weather. He says that he sent earthquakes, floods and droughts at will. He used weather for His purposes. If the people were disobedient and in need of a wakeup call he sent a form of weather that was not welcome. He used many means to get their attention. I have always figured God really didn’t mess with the weather much these days but now I am not so sure. Today the earthquake hit Japan and then the tsunami’s started rolling across the oceans. Nothing escapes God’s notice.

Anyway, we are just about ready to start in the New Testament. If you are behind, please don’t give up. If you don’t finish in the 90 days life will not end! Just keep plugging along.

Till tomorrow, God Bless you as you look for ways to be obedient to the Father.


"Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "oh crud, she's up"

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