Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Bird's Eye View of Suffering

We are on day 38 and in Job. I have read the book of Job multiple times but I have to say I read it with new eyes this time around. I could share some thoughts on Jobs’ friends but today I want to focus on Jobs’ suffering.

True suffering is to be avoided at all cost. Isn’t that the message we get from the media? I have come to appreciate suffering and all the lessons it offers. When reading the things Job says I now understand why he said the things he did.

After losing his livelihood, his children were all taken away with one fell swoop. If that wasn’t enough he was afflicted with boils over his whole body. Now I don’t know just how long he suffered physically but I do know the pain spoke louder than anything else. Intense pain 24/7 is exhausting. If it goes on long enough the pain is all you hear. It saps you of any energy you have left. It takes you to a very dark place, so dark that it can become impossible to see the light at the top. If it goes on day after day, week after week and month after month without a break it shakes you to your very core.

Job carried a burden so big he cursed the day he was born. He wished that God had never made him. At one point he asks God to just kill him. Pain was all he could hear. He questions whether God would even listen to him if he asked for help. He questioned God’s love for him. True, he never cursed God but he sure had a lot of questions and didn’t hesitate to share his thoughts.

I have watched this kind of suffering for going on 2 years and I have a deep respect for those who go through it. As I was reading the book I kept thinking, these are all the things Rich has experienced. When constant intense pain is all you hear, it shakes to the very core. We have asked all the questions that Job has asked.

In the end Job is restored and blessed doubly. Will God do that for us? At this point I have no clue, but what I do know is this. God has not abandoned us and left us alone. He will continually shape us into the people he wants us to be. That my sweet friend is enough for me.

In Christ Alone,



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