Thursday, February 24, 2011

Amazing Love Day 53

I will never forget going to the movie The Passion of Christ. Hubby and I went with our congregation. I am sure each of us was deep in thought about what we were about to see. I remember years before being in labor at a Catholic hospital. At the foot of my bed the wall held Jesus hanging on the cross. During each contraction I would look at that cross and think he suffered so much that my pain was nothing in comparison. That crucifix helped me through labor.

Then we saw what to me seemed like a real crucifixion. I was overwhelmed with emotion when I walked out of the movie. How could He, the Master of the Universe watch His only Son go through all the trauma? How could the Son obey his Father and stay on the cross? My mind’s eye flashed all my sins before me. I walked out deeply ashamed that my sin kept him on that cross.

Would you do me a favor today? Go read Isaiah 53. It is only 12 verses long. After reading that it humbles me to the core. That my sweet sister is Amazing Love!

Think about it.

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  1. I read Isaiah 53 most of the time during communion each Sunday or John 18 and on. It really makes you think. One of the things that I appreciate is the fact that Jesus suffered not only physically on the cross, but that he endured humiliation on my behalf. No one likes being made fun of or laughed at. They spit on him and mocked him. I am so grateful for all that HE endured for me. I thank HIM every day. Debbie