Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 8 Holiness and Rules

Good morning ladies. I hope you are learning a lot in your reading, I know I am. If I could summarize the theme for the book of Leviticus it would be holy. Over and over again God lays out a plan for the people to be separate and apart from their culture. Since they are chosen as His people he wants them to be holy.

For I am the Lord your God. Consecrate yourselves therefore, and be holy, for I am holy. Lev. 11:44,19:2, 20:7,26

God lays out a plan for the way the Israelites are to live. He covers burnt offerings, grain, fellowship, sin and guilt offerings. He also goes over the duties and responsibilities of the priests starting with Aaron and his sons. We learn what is supposed to be given to the priests and what is to be given to the LORD. There are lots of regulations concerning what is allowed and what isn’t. My head starts to hurt when I read all of this. How were the people supposed to remember all this?

I am thankful that I do not live under the Old Law. I am thankful that God showed us how imperfect the law was so that when the Messiah came he could set us free from all of that. Thank you Jesus.

In Christ Alone,



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  1. Stopping by from #b90days. Exactly - Holy Details is what Leviticus is all about. I would say the Law was imperfect though rather we the people were imperfect and therefore could not keep the holy perfect law of God. Thank God Messiah came to keep it for us.

  2. I'm getting a head start on Gratitudes day because I can't trust myself to get back on the computer and post later!

    I'm so grateful to God for giving me a good job with wonderful co-workers who, even though they don't know the Lord, love me and are patient beyond the call of duty. I'm thankful that He's given me the opportunity to live for Him in the workplace and, hopefully, to show a glimps of Jesus to the people I'm around. I get asked all kinds of questions about why I read the Bible and pray, and why I dress the way I do. It's an open door to talk of His LIGHT and LOVE and GRACE and the POWER He gives to us, His children, to live a life pleasing to Him. I love my job and am so thankful.

    P.S. If you want to copy and paste this wherever you want it go right ahead. I know I put it in the worng place :P