Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 5 An Interesting Case Study

Our reading for the next several days will be centered around one of my favorite characters, Moses. He hasn’t always been my favorite but several years ago my husband taught a Sunday morning Bible class on leadership. He spent several months on the topic that included quite a bit about Moses. He is an interesting case study for mentoring.

God had a plan for Moses and it didn’t involve sitting in an Egyptian palace being served bonbons. We see a tapestry being woven in Moses heart. His refining doesn’t happen in a pit like it did for Joseph. His refining took place in the fields doing shepherd’s work. My how the mighty have fallen. Do you see a pattern starting to emerge?

God took Moses into the fields for 80 years which is a very long time to get his attention. When God first comes to him he is ready to recognize the holiness of YAWEH. He falls to the ground because he knew the place where he was standing was holy ground. Did you know our hearts are holy ground?

Think about it. Keep reading and keep praying for strength.

In Christ Alone,


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  1. my husband and I are doing the 90 day challenge. we are few chapters behind and that's ok. I will be reading as much as I can while we drive to my inlaws which will take 5hrs hours.