Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 29 A Woven Tapestry

First and second Chronicles are probably some of my least favorite books. A lot of the stories that are told can also be found in 1&2 Kings. You will find the most accurate and in-depth genealogical records for the tribe of Judah. Remember the kingdom was torn apart and the faithful remained with Judah. All of the names lead back to David.

Reading all of this reminds me of a beautiful tapestry. Each stitch is not necessarily seen but all of the stitches make a beautiful tapestry. Many of the men and women listed here are not mentioned anywhere else in scripture. However, we can be assured they were a part of the story of God’s people and His redemptive plan.

YOU and me are also part of that tapestry. Woven all together we help make a beautiful tapestry filled with God’s people. Something to think about! Have a great day.

In Christ Alone,


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