Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 2 God Provides

Good morning ladies. As I reading our text for today I noticed something that is a foundational theme. God wants His people to be a unique people and he is willing to provide them with what they need to accomplish that goal.

Abraham was the father of the chosen ones. He determined that Isaac, his one true son should have a wife but not just any wife. He wanted him to not intermarry with the current culture.

Abraham said to him, “See to it that you do not take my son back there. 7 The Lord, the God of heaven, who took me from my father’s house and from the land of my kindred, and who spoke to me and swore to me, ‘To your offspring I will give this land,’ he will send his angel before you, and you shall take a wife for my son from there

Gen 24:6-7 (ESV)

Abraham understood that God called him to be different then the culture around him. God blessed Abraham with many generations by sending his servant back to his own people to find a wife for his son Isaac.

TO me that says God will always provide what we need when we are willing to step out in faith and do the right thing.

Something to think about today.

Keep reading. In Christ Alone,


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