Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bible Reading List

I will be sending out weekly schedules on Sunday’s for the next week. I would love for you to join me. How do we eat an elephant? One bit at a time of course J One day at a time, that is what I would love for you to do with me. Together we can do this!

Day 1 January 3rd Genesis 1:1- 16:6

Day 2 January 4th Genesis 17:1- 28:19

Day 3 January 5th Genesis 28:20- 40:11

Day 4 January 6th Genesis 40:12- 50:26

Day 5 January 7th Exodus 1:1- 15:18

Day 6 January 8th Exodus 15:19- 28:43

Day 7 January 9th Exodus 29:1- 40:39

This concludes the first week. I would like to encourage you to set aside early morning. If you don’t finish in the morning then you have the rest of the day to finish up instead of waiting till night to read.

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