Tuesday, December 28, 2010


If it is Tuesday that means it is Gratituesday. This was not my brain child but my sweet friend Laura's over at Heavenly Homemakers. Join us for Gratituesday at Heavenly Homemakers!
She is a dear sister in Christ.

I suppose everyone who participates will be grateful after the holidays that they got to spend time with family or friends. Sometimes they aren't the same thing!

This year I just wanted my husband to experience a day surrounded by his grandchildren, his siblings and all the nieces and nephews that could come. I prayed he would be healthy enough to enjoy their presence. Hubby was able to come upstairs and enjoy the festivities. When it got too much he went back downstairs to our "apartment" to rest.

What a blessing. Thank you Father.


  1. So glad Rich was able to experience a good day surrounded by family. Today I am grateful for watching my little grandson figure out how to roll over to get his toys.

  2. I am grateful that Rich was able to enjoy family time. I also am grateful that I have gotten to visit with my kids home for the holidays and also my sisters from Oklahoma. I also thank God for his love and mercy.

  3. I was SO glad to be a part of our family Christmas with you and Rich. So incredible. What a blessing family is.