Tuesday, December 7, 2010


We are not and I repeat not a sports family! When I was looking for just the right hubby I had to pay extra to get a guy that did NOT like sports. I was not going to be a football widow or any other kind of widow in sports. God sure has a sense of humor.

Our youngest son Michael eats, drinks and lives sports. He can rattle off stats of baseball or basketball like the most seasoned commentator. We have discovered the great motivator for Michael, playing basketball. Grades have to be kept up in order to play. That son of ours has a 3.5 GPA right now!

After 5 or 6 weeks of basketball practice every day for two hours he finally got his uniform to play. WOW, and play he did. He had his first game on Friday and I have to say I had so much fun watching my boy play ball.

At a whopping six feet two inches he is a young man to be reckoned with. He plays center and boy is he good. It was a wild game. As each quarter passed his team got stronger and stronger. In the final seconds of the game it was tied so it went into overtime. At the last minute Michael's team lost but we were all overjoyed that it was such a fabulous game.

One of the referees came up to Michael afterwards and said he had never seen such a good JV game in all his years. I was amazed and pumped. That's my boy out there! It reminded me of just how blessed we are to have Michael as a son. He is being not only molded as a good basketball player but as a godly young man. I love the young man he is becoming and for that I am truly grateful.


  1. I can see why you are proud to call him son!! :-) Came over through Heavenly Homemakers. It always makes me smile to see a Mom love her children so!

  2. Oh, it IS so exciting isn't it, to watch our kids play a sport well!! I can't believe how much fun I have watching my kids play. Asa and Justus even got to be on the same soccer team in the fall and that was even TWICE as fun to watch them pass to each other and score!! I'm so proud of your Michael (hard to believe that little squirt is now so tall!).

  3. I am thankful for the life that I have in Jesus!!!